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Entrepreneurs are creators! This Meetup is intended to give you (if you are an entrepreneur or part of an entrepreneurial team) a place to nurture that creative drive with innovative ideas to meet challenges like: finances, marketing, leadership and team development, product/service innovation, strategic planning, personal inspiration and much more.

More like an entrepreneurial think tank, this is not a Meetup where you hand out business cards and pitch your venture to others - it is a Meetup where you brainstorm and offer your best ideas freely in the spirit of collaboration and your entrepreneurial passion. Our intended participants are also not in business to develop a company and then sell it to make a killing. This is for entrepreneurs who are passionate about their products and/or services, and are willing to do the hard work of building a real company - big or small.
You will learn and practice a process for developing Unlimited Thinking and apply that process in the Meetup.

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