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There is a massive change going on in how we think about things, a change that can be very useful for entrepreneurs (or any leader/influencer) to consider - a kind of thinking transformation occurring from the corner store to very large organizations. It is a change that among other things, addresses increasing trends of anxiety, depression, addiction and other symptoms of stuck thinking that are occurring in our culture.

Whether you are starting a business or working in an existing business, this Meetup will introduce you to that transformation and have you practicing that new approach to thinking as you interact and network with the Meetup group and in your venture. This is not a keys to success or secrets to high achievement class, but rather a get-together of likeminded innovators and early adopters designed to help you think clearly as you engage in your passion and its challenges. It is primarily for people who are fundamentally values, rather than profit oriented in their approach to business - they do it because it is their passion.

Each Meetup is divided into three segments: a short lecturette to talk about the thinking transformation; an activity designed to practice some new thinking principles; and an open networking opportunity to discover what other movers and shakers in the group are thinking and doing.

Join us to meet likeminded entrepreneurs and other leaders - hone your personal thinking and support effective team thinking for a healthy culture. This Meetup will help you think strategically about your entrepreneurial venture and stimulate you to engage in all kinds of fresh new experiences as an entrepreneur.

Past events (28)

The Entrepreneur As Visionary

Perch Coworking - Carrboro/Chapel Hill

Set Your Strategy and Goals for Next Year

Perch Coworking - Carrboro/Chapel Hill

Think Strategically About Your Business Purpose

Perch Coworking - Carrboro/Chapel Hill


Chapel Hill Public Library - Meeting Room C

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