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Are you a woman who believes in the power of creativity for personal development? Do you have an abandoned creative project, or are you stuck in a current project waiting for inspiration? Do you have many creative projects started but none finished? Maybe you see the value in setting aside time to develop your creativity at this time of your life, but find it hard to start a creative routine. Are you trying to overcome a feeling of being stuck?

Whether you are a designer, inventor, dancer, chef, seamstress, singer, writer, painter, poet or photographer…whatever your expressive media, working with our group will increase your access to the flow state. We will explore the creative process and the psychology of creativity. We will practice self-discipline and will hold each other accountable. We will use prompts, guided imagery and visualization, and inner exploration to rediscover our sparks of inspiration. Once the inner spark is re-ignited, intrinsic personal development within your art will follow.

Our group will meet monthly and stay connected online between meetings. I set up a website http://unstuckcreative.com where you can connect with me and we can exchange more ideas. Please visit and I look forward to hearing from you.
Cynthia at unstuckcreative dot com

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