Unsung Live #3: Short story evening

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After the success and all-round fun of Unsung Live #2 (http://www.unsungstories.co.uk/blog/2015/22/10/unsung-live-2-1), we're happy to announce our return to The Star of Kings for our third evening of storytelling for fans of speculative fiction.

The lineup this time includes:

• Stephanie Saulter writes what she likes to think is literary science fiction. Born in Jamaica, she earned her degree at MIT and spent over a decade in the United States before moving to England in 2003. She’s best known as the author of the ®Evolution trilogy: Gemsigns, Binary and Regeneration are set in a near-future London, and use the lens of an altered humanity to take a new look at the old issues of race, class, inequality and social conflict. Stephanie’s short story Audiovisionary deals with mental illness and possibly aliens, and was published in 2014 in the anthology Paradox. She lives in London, blogs unpredictably at http://stephaniesaulter.com and tweets only slightly more reliably as @scriptopus (https://twitter.com/scriptopus).

• Ian Whates launched independent publisher NewCon Press (http://www.newconpress.co.uk/) in 2006, quite by accident (buy him a pint sometime and he’ll tell you about it). Through NewCon he has been privileged to publish original stories from some of the biggest names in genre fiction. He is the author of, among others, the novels City of Dreams and Nightmare and The Noise Within.


@NewConPress (https://twitter.com/NewConPress)

• Rose Biggin writes stories and plays. Her published fiction includes 'A Game Proposition' in Irregularity, 'The Modjeska Waltz' in The Adventures of Moriarty and 'The Gunman Who Came In From The Door' in Defenestration Magazine. She is currently rehearsing BADASS GRAMMAR: A Pole/Guitar Composition in Exploded View for The Yard Theatre, Hackney. She has a PhD in immersive theatre and digs film noir, old maps and peacocks. She's @rosebiggin (https://twitter.com/rosebiggin) on Twitter.

• Edward Cox is the author of The Relic Guild, The Cathedral of Known Things, and The Watcher of Dead Time. He has written a host of short stories that are spread far and wide across space and time and occasionally lectures in creative writing. He currently lives in Essex with his wife and daughter, where they are surrounded by fine countryside and giant spiders.

@EdwardCox10 (https://twitter.com/EdwardCox10)

The event is FREE and all are welcome, but space is limited so make sure you RSVP.

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Here’s what people said about our previous event:

At a time when publishing is struggling to make sense of the new world order, live events like this feel like the way forward. Go to the next one so in five years’ time you can say you were there.

– Andrew Wallace (http://andrewwallace.me/2015/10/21/unsung-live-review-20-10-15/)

The readings were a brilliant blend of touching, troubling, imaginative and comic tales.

– MegloBlog (https://megloblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/22/feature-unsung-stories-live/)

.@UnsungTweets was insanely good tonight - def go if you can! And any event that starts with a quote from Ursula Le Guin is obvs brilliant

– @alicefurse

Fabulous evening at @UnsungTweets #UnsungLive last night. @0tralala @robertsharp59 and @casskhaw were all tip top

– @DHartleyWriter

Top stuff last night from @UnsungTweets live event. @DHartleyWriter brought Manc goodness to London, and about time too.

– @DanCarpenter85 (https://twitter.com/DanCarpenter85)