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Up 4 talk is a group of interesting people sharing interesting stories (http://www.meetup.com/up4talk/messages/boards/thread/42256332), whether it is a story about someone you met by chance, who positively influenced you, an adventure that happened to you when travelling the world, a new skill you learned, or an article you read, - you name it.


We believe that every story is unique and worth hearing.

Do you also have something interesting to share?

People joining the up4talk group are open minded, without prejudice and happy to meet new people. We use technology to help us be more connected but we understand that the most genuine socializing can happen in an offline, face-to-face communication. This is why we organize meetups in different places without particular topic, though we are sure there is going to be plethora of interesting topics to talk about. We also organize live talks, where the most interesting stories are shared in front of the audience.

Up4talk (http://www.up4talk.com/) is about two different types of events:

1. Meetups - where members meet in real life to socialize, and share stories.


2. UP4TALK live talks - are live events where ordinary people share their stories, delivering short but unique speeches or presentations. These stories are motivating, genuine, and help others make some positive changes.


Do you have some interesting stories to share? Do you want to meet interesting people in a relaxed atmosphere, in an environment where everyone is open to talk and where everyone is up for talk?

Then join us in our group and at one of our next up4talk meetups.

"There are so many things we can learn from each other, we just need to be ready to listen, but also we have to be ready to share our own thoughts. Imagine a meeting or an informal gathering where interesting people talk without prejudice, eager to hear something new and learn from others - this is what up4talk stands for."

-- Miro Hegedic, founder of up4talk

Read some of the interesting stories from our members

-- The Bus Stop Encounter: Don’t Keep your Dreams Waiting (http://www.meetup.com/up4talk/messages/boards/thread/42256332)

-- When Déjà vu helps you (http://svedic.org/travel/delhi-taxi-scam)

Now, join us and share YOUR story with the group!

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