What we're about

Welcome language lovers. We are a group created for the sole purpose of sharing one another's languages and cultures.

I personally fell in love with languages through my 9 year old daughter who is a polyglot of her own making. We regularly engaged in imagination games in multiple languages which arose in me a love on languages at a much later stage in life, my 40's.

The purpose of this group is to share the love of language and culture, as well as engage in conversation exchange.

As of now all meetings will be online via zoom. As a result we will have meeting limitations.

My goal is to share experiences, stories, movies, music, and more all while enjoyably learning more about different cultures and developing our language skills.

People who should join are those that are unconventional learners. We will NOT be following a set learning plan or schedule and I myself am an extremely unconventional learner who enjoys using exaggerated stories and situations to learn...

Our events will predominantly be online and will operate on the zoom platform. Generally we will do reenactments or role playing and discussing topics of interests including films, cultural events, personal experiences, tips for travel etc.

On another note, we will also potentially permit parent and me meetings as well as i am attempting to figure out how to involve my 9 year old to allow her to also participate and learn.

We look forward to meeting with you... Carlos.

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