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If you are a filmmaker, documentary videographer, TV show producer, or even a webisode creator, or just someone with something you want to say... then we want to collaborate with you. We want to see high quality stuff getting produced, especially your locally focused shows. We can partner with you by providing you gear, studio access, props & wardrobe, crew, and other resources.

So if you have a project in the can, or one rolling around in your head, we encourage you to take a look at what resources we can provide and the toolbox we can offer you to help build/grow your fan base. Let's collaborate. For a list of our shows, check out the uABQ Channel 27 (http://www.uabqtv.com) website!

Some more info...

Our goal is to build fans. So, since we want to garner as many viewers as possible, we believe in content standards that appeal to the widest base possible. We think that this is what is best for our distribution platforms, which include YouTube, Comcast, uStream and more. We also think that this is what potential sponsors are more likely to attach themselves to (and that is money in your pocket), and that this is what is best for producers who want to build the widest possible audience for their shows.

We understand that everyone perceives standards differently based on their values and life experiences. Our goal with our standards is not to impose one group’s values upon another; it is to find common ground and to determine what the general audience largely considers to be acceptable. This includes making sure language, subject matter, and visuals are kept "clean" from 5am-11pm on the station.

Additionally, another mission of uPUBLIC is to promote positive elements in our community. While we do not require that shows contain the following themes we do actively seek out shows that do.

Positive message (even when dealing with difficult subjects)
Locally relevant (ideally produced locally)
True and factual
Funny and entertaining
People & groups deserving of recognition
Beautiful and artistic (attention to high AV quality)
Excellence in achievements
Thought provoking
Imaginative and innovative

When you watch TV, how can you tell that something was made locally? What is it about a program that gives it a certain local-yokel factor that causes you to turn up your nose and change the channel? Breaking Bad is produced locally (if you live in New Mexico like we do), but does it look local? Why not? In our world of inexpensive digital technology, good production is no longer limited to those with million dollar budgets.

What Breaking Bad does have is a great story, phenomenal actors, and a production crew with organizational skills. These are things that are within a local production's reach and with uPUBLIC to help you close the gap on the other things like cameras, production facilities, and project mentorship, you're running out of excuses to not be making something amazing.

If this sound like a community you would like to get plugged into... Register here now and come to one of our orientations. You can also email us at production@upublic.tv .

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