Kevin C.Kevin C.

Kevin C.



Albuquerque, NM

Joined group

Aug 3, 2017

Please answer these questions completely. How did you discover this group?

My friend told me about the website meet up and I put in my interests and found the group.

Why do you want to join this group?

Recently moved to New Mexico from Los Angeles for acting and stunts. Plus cheaper living. I love how this group has great integrity on producing its own content and the openness to collaborate with others and their ideas.

How much production experience do you have? (It's ok if you don't have any!)

I've worked on many different sets from background, stunts, actor, pa, stunt coordinator, fight choreographer, and director.

What sort of skills would you like to learn?

Line producer, writer, possible director of photography.

What are your primary interests in your life? (example: politics, parenting, artistic expression, etc.)

Definitely artistic expression, martial arts, acting, helping others, video games, meditation, fitness, exercise, health/nutrition, animals, Mother Earth, technology, creating your own work (Film and Tv), relationships with friends and family, good morals, positivity, growth, change for the better, and love.