Wali Qutbuddin Loren S.

Wali Qutbuddin Loren S.



Albuquerque, NM

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Aug 11, 2018

Please answer these questions completely. How did you discover this group?

on UABQ this morning...

Why do you want to join this group?

The young man filmed was speaking of ego's that are out of control... That is a subject I have created a lot of poetry about... would like some of it presented with dance and music... What you have presented here has my energy aloft and singing...Please set a meet up place and time... Wali Q.

How much production experience do you have? (It's ok if you don't have any!)

some minor within a spiritual community...

What sort of skills would you like to learn?

Expansion of basic and alternative presentation modes of poetry...

What are your primary interests in your life? (example: politics, parenting, artistic expression, etc.)

I'm 82 years old... for now it is in sharing my experiences and my poetry... That will surely open the horizon...