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Summer Planting, Potato pots and Drip

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Come and help Judy with some summer planting in her large backyard garden space in downtown Campbell. Juli Idleman will talk about different methods of planting potatoes and we get some started in pots and other places in the garden. In addition well will be doing some soil conditioning and and adding more life to Judy's garden. After our work we will all join together again in another delicious pot luck with a Greek Theme. Judy will be making a Greek salad direct from her garden. We will also be having Dolmas using the grape leaves from Jon's garden. Others can bring their own delicious creations to go along with our theme.

Judy has a row of planter boxes with tomatoes, squash and cucumbers happily growing. We will be planting some new things to fill up the boxes.

We will have a demo and learn about the best ways of planting potatoes in pots.

After adding the new delicious things we will then take off the sprayer heads, install drip hubs and string drip lines to all of the new plantings.

What to bring
For this event, please bring any of the following:

Gardening tools: gloves, a shovel, spading fork, trowel, weeding tools Potluck item to go with our Greek theme: that either contains something that you have picked from your yard, something that you would like in the future to come from your yard, or something that you have made.
Crop Sharing item(s): Food items you have harvested from your yard to exchange with other members (if you have any) Some good positive energy


1) A bit of work

As people arrive we will all participate in a group working activity in the hosts location.

2) Demo and instruction

During the work portion we will have a short break out period to present some new material and gain some farming/gardening knowledge.

3) Pot Luck and Socializing

Finally we will all spend some time to socialize and eat the wonderful food from our gardens. During the pot luck we will have time to discuss the following:

Q & A about gardening/ farming. Anyone can ask anything about a gardening or farming topic for others in the group to give their insights. News and updates from our members: each member share progress on urban farming projects. Future MeetUps, Volunteers for future hosts, Ongoing discussion on our Urban Farmers coop group. Crop Sharing-- Everyone that has harvested something from your yard please bring it and exchange it. Take what you DID NOT bring.

About Urban Farmers Cooperative
The Urban Farmers Cooperative events are working/learning sessions where we all pitch in on a project at the host's location. Here is what we do:

We meet to help out a fellow host farmer We do some work, exchange ideas, and learn something at the same time We bring food from our gardens and share all the wonderful foods we are raising After the meeting we all take home something that we did not bring By RSVPing YES to any of our MeetUps you are agreeing to our posted waiver:

Our goal is to bring our community together through safe and fun learning events.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming MeetUps.


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