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Human Foosball!!

Hosted by Urban on a Budget!

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Come join us for an awesome game of Human Foosball! If you’ve played Foosball before you already have a good idea of how human foosball works. This game plays just like Foosball but it’s life size!

Awesome, right? We thought so! Our group, Bubble, hosts lots of fun events like this one and Capture the Flag. For more information check us out at

There will be two teams. Team A faces Team B’s Goal. And likewise, Team B face Team A’s goal. You will by facing the goal you want to put the ball in. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME! Don't know how to play? Don't worry, we'll teach you!

You may move back and forth on your line but, you must always keep at least one hand on it at all times. So spread out and be ready to kick the ball when it comes near you.

Contact/questions Tegan or Emerald at: [masked]

We'll play in Cal Anderson Park, meeting at the tennis courts. Although we play for fun, we ask that you be willing to physically exert yourself and have thoroughly practiced your successful retrieval dance.

Don't forget:
- We will play rain, snow, or clear skies. Cross your fingers for clear skies.
- Good shoes (examples: running shoes)
- Take a minute to read the liability statement below.

If you didn't know already, we play sports. There is a lot of physical activity involved. While playing this game sometimes people trip, slip, fall down, run into each other, and other unpleasantries. Bumps and bruises may happen; it's part of the game. By showing up to this event, you agree that injuries, lost items, broken items, or anything other unpleasantries are not the fault of the organizers, and you alone are responsible. We don't want to scare you, these events are really fun and enjoyable for everyone. Videographers and photographers will be at this event. Participant agrees to allow the event producer (Bubble) and other promoters to use any pictures or video footage of the event for future promotional purposes. I grant permission for my name to be published and all other personal identifiers (location & Social Media handles) as listed above to be published. Let's keep it that way... with a basic understanding of liability. In the end, we live in a world with too many lawyers, so we're writing this here to be extra clear about these events.