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Tour City Island YC and learn how you can be ASA certified and sail all season.

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Come for a personal tour of City Island Yacht Club and learn about our different classes of membership for those with boats, without boats, wishing to learn to sail, and those interested in time-sharing a Catalina 25', Pearson23', and a J-24.

Reasons why timesharing a boat solves the two major issues today: Time and Money.
People will tell you that BOAT stands for “break out another thousand” or that it is “a hole in which you pour money into”.

Why has boating always been popular with the wealthiest? Because it is that much fun!! Since the advent of fiberglass in the 1950’s, boating has become much more accessible to the middle class. Still, with today’s winter storage and summer docking fees, insurance, supplies and maintenance, costs can easily be over $5,000 a year for an average 26’ sailboat.

Many who own boats will admit they don’t use them as much as they would like – but the bills roll in regardless. With today’s family, career, social and economic pressures, many don’t have the time or desire to commit to ownership. It’s a fast-moving world; one where a few friends or a family might love spending days on the water, yet taking on total responsibility for a boat is not in the cards.

But you love the water. You love to sail. Or you’d love to learn how.

Is there a solution? There is indeed!

For not much more than a basic sailing class, you can be a member of a prestigious yacht club located in one of the top sailing venues in the country, enjoying full Club amenities and reciprocity with over 700 other clubs nationwide…And, have unlimited use of three sailboats: A Catalina 25’, Pearson 23”, and a J/24 racer. If this sounds appealing…

The City Island Yacht Club ‘Club Boat Program’ is for you. Situated on the west side of City Island at the gateway to the L.I. Sound, only about an hour from Grand Central Station by one train and one bus, you’ll enjoy parties, events, a vibrant social scene, and all a well-appointed yacht club has to offer. Relax and dine on our west deck with beautiful views of the NYC skyline. Then, at your convenience, one of two launches will ferry you to your boat. You’ll sail in protected Eastchester Bay with up to four or five friends and enjoy a spectacular sunset at dusk. A call to the launch operator some hours later will see you ferried back promptly. Done!
Or maybe not…maybe back to that wonderful deck for a cocktail while an exhilarating experience still resonates.

This all sounds great, but I don’t have much experience. Where do I get that?
We have you covered!!

If you have little or no experience, or simply want your first sailing certification, the CIYC is about to add an ASA 101 Sailing Course to its Club Boat Program! At an extraordinary discount available in this package only, you can take a basic 3 day keelboat course with a certified ASA instructor, achieve your certification, then turn right around and enjoy everything you’ve read above.

And you won’t be left stranded. The reality is a 3-day course alone is not enough to conquer the fascinating art and science of sailing. The beauty and true value of this package is that after your 3-day course, you’ll be immersed in a club whose members all love sailing, and are known for their friendly, helping ways. Connecting with experienced sailing companions will be easy as pie!

If you’ve always wanted to enter the sailing life, this is a complete package from bow to stern: Take a sailing course, gain experience in the company of those who breathe it, and do it all in a wonderful yacht club atmosphere.

Things to consider:
You work hard, it will likely not get easier, and time does go by. You deserve to have something special to look forward to, an experience like no other. You want to spend special time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or family and kids. When sailing together, you will be enveloped in beauty, mystery and challenge. Cares disappear at the dock. Your kids won’t be texting, tweeting, or playing World of Whatnot.
You will be creating memories that last a lifetime.

If you are single, there is no shortage of sailing companions. The Greater New York Sailing Group has over 685 members; some have boats, but most do not. Posting on the message board usually gets many responses. Many seasoned members of City Island Yacht Club have expressed interest in mentoring novice sailors as well.
No one will jump at an offer to drive in your Lexus, but invite them to your yacht club for an afternoon sail and sunset dinner on the deck, and see if your dance card doesn’t fill.
And, you will actually save money! Add up the cost of eating out, taking in movies or plays over a year, and you’ll find timeshare sailing less. One Club Boat member went sailing almost 20 days last season.

You can learn, you will sail, you’ll have singular experiences and tall tales to tell…and you’ll make great friends in the process.

Contact Alan for more information: [masked] I will be there from 10:30 until 4:00. When you RSVP, I will contact you by email or phone.


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