• Pioneer Exclusive Knowledge Session - Traction Channels

    There are several channels that startups use to gather their traction. Not all traction channels work for all businesses but it is important to know and be aware of the various channels that one can adopt in order to deliver the right impetus to their startup. Traction channels if used well can drive large adoption and also rapid growth. The channels that work for your venture will change as you scale. What worked when you had 20 customers would not be useful when you have 20000. In this Knowledge session, we will dive into the various traction channels that startups can use for their business. Further we will also look at how the channels work and their potential to deliver returns to the business. We will use cases to explain how this may work for you. Become a Pioneer Member today to access this and such Knowledge Sessions ever 3rd Thursday, every month. https://startupsclub.com/pioneer Team Startups Club

  • Pioneer Exclusive Knowledge Session - Crowd Funding Building Campaign to Rollout

    Crowd funding is the most misunderstood and assumed easy initiative. It takes a lot of time, planning and resources to have a successful crowd funding campaign. In these exclusive for Pioneer Knowledge Sessions, we are looking a deep dive session from the time you start to build a campaign, the approach and strategies, the support from consultants, the resources that you have to have and plan for and then the roll out, the time and deadlines, the profiles and the outreach.. We will have a detailed session for you to understand the what's, the how's, the why's and the when's of Crowd Funding. To become a Pioneer Member - https://startupsclub.com/pioneer Team Startups Club

  • Demo Day Special-How startups can leverage the Cloud?

    Demo Day every year is a celebration of entrepreneurship which brings the 30,000 plus community of Startups Club, startup founders from across the world, ecosystem partners that include incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces and investors that are keen to support early stage entrepreneurs. Demo Day 2019 is the 7th edition that has grown from an 80 attendee event in 2013, to hosting 4800 attendees in 2018. This year, we aim to target 10,000 attendees but we also want to ensure that we are able to bring more quality deals, collaborations, investor opportunities, innovative pitches and exciting speakers from the Indian ecosystem, those who have done it all, experienced the highs and lows and survived the worst.. Every minute of yours in these 2 days will be learning, connections, opportunities and growth written for each one of you. Entrepreneur or no, being fully updated on technology is a must today. Technology is the best weapon to conquer your market, and also to transform your brand. You will be able to manage cost and productivity on a global scale without any second thoughts. This helps to meet the needs of clients more efficiently. Demo Day Cloud Fest will be a date with the giants in the cloud along with small and medium innovators in the segment which will be helping attendees to explore the latest trends and the future of the cloud. This event is to make you understand certain aspects of cloud which will answer questions like What are the benefits of cloud computing? What types of cloud services do businesses use? What are the pros and cons of cloud services? To register for the event: Sign up with startupsclub.com and RSVP: https://startupsclub.com/meetup/demo-day-special-how-startups-can-leverage-the-cloud-che-dtyh -Team Startups Club. For queries please contact[masked]/[masked]. Venue: CoWrks, RMZ Millenia Business Park, Phase 2, Campus 3A, 11, MGR Main Rd, Kandancavadi, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu[masked]

  • It starts with one thing!-Idea Discovery-Live Webinar

    Needs a location

    Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas – they can be ideas for starting a new business, a new product, new content, or even just inventive ways of talking about or marketing an existing product or service. You will be pushed to think differently. Agenda: Welcome, Expert Talks on Startup Ideas,Question and Answer, Idea Workshop,Elevator Idea Pitch. This session will be a live webinar. Please install Zoom in your mobile or laptop. We will share the webinar link soon to your email. Sign up at startupsclub.com and RSVP using the link https://startupsclub.com/meetup/it-starts-with-one-thing-idea-discovery-webinar This is a free event. Hope to See you all. -Team Startups Club Please contact -[masked]/[masked] for queries.

  • Decoding the Business Model


    A business model is very critical to a business. Almost every startup that has used technology to change how businesses function have been able to play with the business model and alter it with the use of technology. This talk will cover the various factors that one should consider when looking at business models and provide a framework to think about business models for your business. This event is free of cost. Looking forward to meeting you there! RSVP for the event here: https://startupsclub.com/meetup/decoding-the-business-model-che -Team Startups Club.

  • Unlock Machine Learning

    krea eKnowledge Private Limited

    While we consistently focus on Artificial Intelligence and the potential it holds, it's important to understand the bedrock on which it is built. Machine learning is the foundation of any AI system. We seek to delve into the basics of machine learning and how its progression results in Artificial Intelligence. This meetup is free of cost. RSVP for the event here: https://startupsclub.com/meetup/Unlock%20Machine%20Learning Team Startups Club

  • OMPD - Open Mike Pitch Day


    This special session is designed for all those aspiring, budding and established entrepreneurs, who just want to let their let go, want to feel the freedom to pitch their business to the audience. the audience can be investors, potential co-founders, team members, potential customers or just other entrepreneurs, who can validate your business and also connect with your story. We as startup founders or founders to be, we get so stuck with the fact of how the presentation is got to look like, what others would think of what you say that you stop to pitch from your heart. When you are set to build a business with passion, why not pitch with passion. This OMPD is a session wherein pitch with just passion, no presentations, no preparations or no parameters to measure your potential. It is just your startup idea and your passion that drives it. So, join to pitch, to watch but be there to see what the freedom to pitch with just passion can do to the entrepreneur. The breaking free from pre-set rules will only unleash the greatness in anyone and that is what we at Startups Club want you to experience in these 3 hours. It is a free session so come with an empty wallet and a free soul to experience this session to its full. Team Startups Club"

  • Formula to get Funded


    "Entrepreneurship is not a formula, it is not a course that can be studied in a classroom, it is not something that can be learnt from others and made successful. It has to be experienced; it has to be on the ground level that you get your success formulas and things that did not work for you. Here in this session, we intend to cover some of the things that have worked for a few out there and few in our community of Startups Club. If these formulas can help you understand what awaits you as you move ahead, the objective of this session is surely met. The top three formulas that have worked for a few for getting funded are; - Team, Time & Traction - A product, Promotions & Productivity - Strategy, Sales & Scalability As you read those words, you would know, they are not new terms, they are things that you have never heard of or done before, but doing it together, doing it in that right mix and making that formula work for you is what makes getting funded easy and more approachable with investors. Join in for the most exciting topic, discussions and outcome-oriented meet-up and remember it is free, but it surely is loaded with value for each one of you. Team Startups Club

  • Idea to Market - The 5 Steps


    5 Steps that make you go out there and see your solution for your target customers bring revenues for you. Step 1 – Identification of a real problem Step 2 – Possible Solutions that customers will open their wallets for Step 3 – Understand if the problem does really exist and your solution is worth spending on Step 4 – Acquire your limited, early loyal customers to help perfect your offerings Step 5 – Put together a clear “Go to Market” strategy that will enable profitability and growth Looking forward to meeting you there Team StartupsClub



    VITTBI - Vellore has launched NIDHI PRAYAS facility which caters to idea-stage entrepreneurs with a physical product offering, who require support for prototyping. Under this scheme, the innovators will be facilitated with access to physical infrastructure, technical guidance, fabrication labs, networking, business mentorship etc. The lack of support for early-stage prototyping in the country has been the cause for many innovators to lose interest in their ventures and there is a definite need to address the gap in the very early stage of idea formation, associated technology development, proof of concept, prototyping, IPR etc. With NIDHI PRAYAS, young entrepreneurs will have support to develop their technology prototype/product and will be able to approach incubators for scale-up and commercialization support. Everyone working in this segment or interested to know more is invested to attend this very special session organized by Startups Club and powered by VITTBI - Vellore. Registration Link: http://bit.ly/_prayas