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Startups Club is an Open, Inclusive & Collaborative platform for early stage startups, taking them from idea to seed funding and beyond. We at Startups Club, incubate, accelerate and invest in our member startups. Startups Club hosts the Widest Startups Challenge in India, SC Demo Day once a year in Bangalore, in which, we hack the process of startups looking to reach out to investors and we bring the best startups from across the country to be seed funded through the prize money and explore angel funding through the investors and our funding arm (SCIN).

Startups Club is fast growing to become a one stop solutions for all entrepreneurs across industries, for the services we offer to our members; mentoring, knowledge sessions, workshops, growth hacking sessions, Sales support and we just do not end it with making you understand, Startups Club has been very focused on getting things done for its member startups. We believe execution plays a key role in your success for your startups.

If you have the pinch to be an entrepreneur or have just started to become one or already are one, this is the place you should reach out to.

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Pitch Hack Day (Kochi) - Demo Day 2019

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Pitch Hack Days - City Level Engagement for Demo Day 2019 1. What is a high-pitch deck for investors? 2. What is the world’s best pitch deck? 3. Tell a story with the slides 4. Format your Deck 5. Pros & Cons of sending a Deck Investors don’t invest in businesses. They invest in stories about businesses. If you want to raise money on favourable terms, you need multiple investment offers. How do you get multiple offers? Tell a good story to several investors at the same time. A good story can’t sell a pile of garbage, but it will keep a gem from going unnoticed. You can tell a story in a sentence; you can tell a story in a paragraph, and you can tell a story in a 20-minute pitch. Startups need to do all three. We are the ones who hosted the BIGGEST STARTUP EVENT, in India last December with 5000 attendees and 100+ Investors on the floor. What do we have this year as plans? We have started the year, we will be heading out to 20 cities We invite to be a part of this event which this year in December aims at hosting 15000 attendees and all global entities in here. As we reach all these cities to identify the various startups, looking to connect with the global ecosystem. Team Startups Club

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Demo Day 2018 Finale - BIGGEST STARTUP EVENT

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