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Startups Club is an Open, Inclusive & Collaborative platform for early stage startups, taking them from idea to seed funding and beyond. We at Startups Club, incubate, accelerate and invest in our member startups. We at Startups Club not just conduct 120+ Meetups in a year across the country but bring the complete 25000 plus entrepreneur's community into one annual closing event Demo Day. Startups Club hosts the Largest Startup Event in India and it is Demo Day. The last 3 years we have been doing this mega event in Bangalore but 2020, we will take Demo Day to other cities.

Startups Club is just a platform for conducting or attending events, we are a community driven service provider to early stage startups and aim to becoming one of the largest platform bringing the global entrepreneurs just 3 clicks away from each other. We offer a bouquet of support services to all our members, who are keen to grow their startups or launch their ideas. Choosing to become a Pioneer only makes your journey easier.

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To know more write to reachus@startupsclub.com or call +91 9845572820

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Making a Perfect Pitch

Online event

This is a paid event and costs Rs. 499. You can register using this link https://page.razorpay.com/SCWorkshop Do you know who are the people you will end up making most of your pitches to - Customers. For every Investor you make a pitch to, you will probably pitch a hundred customers. So - Getting the pitch right is very important is about a lot more than raising capital. It’s about growth and success. There are many aspects that go into making a perfect pitch and all of these play an equally important role in the success or failure of a pitch. There are several simple techniques that would make it possible for you to make a perfect pitch and impress upon whoever you may be pitching to. It can also provide you with a degree of influence over these people if done right. We will look at some of the following aspects during this workshop. - The superficial aspects of a pitch - how to perfect it - The context of a pitch - how to educate - The attention during a pitch - how to own it - The Influence - how to possess it Come join us for this 2 hour workshop and learn to make the perfect pitch. Register Now! Expert - Vivek Srinivasan - (viveksrinivasan.com) Date - 30th May 2020 Time - 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. For the past 7 years, Startups Club has successfully built an early-stage entrepreneurs community that has around 50k entrepreneurs registered from across the world; primarily India. We have been bombarded with questions on some of the key aspects of starting out a startup/business by our members. We have initiated these weekly workshops on Zoom, that will give you a detailed understanding of every topic. Further to the workshop, if you need support to execute, you can enrol into a 12 months incubation program that supports in EXECUTION of the plans. It is optional, for now. You have a lot that you can understand, ask and plan for yourselves for each of the topics.

Decoding Zomato - Idea to a Unicorn (Zoom Session)

Online event

Decoding Zomato – Lessons that will take through an Idea to becoming an Unicorn (Zoom Session) Understanding how a startup came to market and how it went from idea to unicorn is critical. It provides a lot of lessons to your entrepreneurs on the path taken and the ups and downs that made a company who they are. Every business has humble beginnings and develops from there to go on to become what it is. We will be looking at Zomato from the perspective of their genesis and where they came from. Also the context of the environment in which they were launched. We will look at the following points when analysing the business. Team Problem Solution Technology Scale Join us to learn more about this company that has been able to build a strong brand, business, scale unlike few have managed in the past. There will be a lot of lessons to be shared and approaches to be debated. Come join us and be a part of this session. Team Startups Club [masked] [masked] Registration is a MUST for Rs.99/- on https://pages.razorpay.com/SCMeetup

Grants of Rs.3Lacs & upwards for Entrepreneurs in Ideation Stage

Everyone speaks about the difficult times ahead of us, we at Startups Club are working in progress to ensure that these hard times are felt less hard on our early stage entrepreneurs. This is one such initiative for all out here, who are at an early stage, VERY EARLY STAGE... looking to start something on your own, fear job loss, want to start on your own, have an idea that can really work wonders during this time, want to start on your own... here is what you do... Step 1 - Fill this form - https://startupsclub.com/funding-grant/ Step 2 - Make a payment of Rs.99/- through this link - https://pages.razorpay.com/SCMeetup Step 3 - Attend this session on Zoom, scheduled on the 24th June, 5 pm We will give you clarity on Grants work, you don't give equity, it is not an investment, it is a grant (Gift) by VITTBI & DST (Department of Science & Technology) made simple by Startups Club to ensure you get the monies and support you need to kick start your startup. Yes, we bring Rs.3Lacs and above as grants and further to that, we also take you to investors in our other programs as you mature to that stage. You have two options today, when you read this event details. Let it be or take this opportunity and explore. By attending this meetup, we will help you structure your idea / startup, making it more easy for you to access these resources. Startups Club is here for your support, the question is are you ready to take the support that we come to you with Team Startups Club

Digital Demo Day 2020 - Global by Startups Club

Online event

For the past 7 years, we at Startups Club have been putting together the Demo Day in order to enable the connect between startups, entrepreneurs and investors. Over the years we have seen several successful startups come through the Demo Day. While we have conducted the event across various cities in the past, we had restricted the Demo Day to Bangalore alone during the past couple of years. This year has been a tough one for everyone and while distancing is a theme at the same time coming closer together and working more collaboratively has never been more important. This has prompted us to move Demo Day online and bring the global eco-system together at Demo Day 2020. If you plan to pitch to investors across the world at the Demo Day, pick up your Pitch Pass (Pitch your startup) / Delegation Pass (Attendee) Now! We will take you through the evaluation process soon after. About Digital Demo Day For 7 years, Demo Day has been an offline event that has brought together the eco-system. This year we are taking the leap into the unknown. The situations forced upon the world has caused us to think more about Demo Day and how we have been doing it. Also what is best for the entrepreneurs and the eco-system. This is going to be a format that nobody has pursued in the past and we hope that it encourages more connections, more engagement and better outcomes for all of the people involved. We will keep adding more information and announcing greater details about the speakers, investors, startups and participants from across the world, who will be part of this event as we work to bring this all together. We look forward to your participation. By picking the Pitch Pass (Rs.2499/- or US$ 50) You will be shortlisted through a call, then will pitch to Startups Club through Zoom Session and could be selected as the finalist to pitch to jury consisting of global investors. If not selected as finalists, your pitch pass will be converted into 5 Delegate Pass (Attendees). By picking the Delegate Pass ( Rs.499/- or US$ 10) You will be a Delegate getting access to the main stage (webinar) where you will witness pitches, speakers and panel from across the world, you get access to market spaces (virtual stalls), Partner Rooms. Talk-Rooms with 1on1 with investors on special passes, you can write to [masked] to Partner or purchase digital baskets to access special rooms / benefits. Pick your passes from https://startupsclub.com/demoday/ and block your slot to a global event. More Details to be added as we get closer to the event. See you at Demo Day! Team Startups Club

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