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RefractionDAO :: Artist Owned Global Festival Bridging IRL & the Metaverse

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RefractionDAO :: Artist Owned Global Festival Bridging IRL & the Metaverse


Meetups in the Metaverse is a talk + networking series that highlights the artists, creators and community-leaders contributing to the development of the Metaverse at large.

What new tools and opportunities do we have for establishing human connections, for creating art, for building brands, for learning new skills?

As the Internet expands at an exponential rate, Meetups in the Metaverse zeros in on the central players helping define an unrivaled expansion of the Internet since the boom of dot com.


This month we welcome Malcolm Levy of the RefractionDAO.

RefractionDAO is an open, collaborative collective of participants working together to create innovative cultural experiences, support ongoing initiatives, and present new works. Their cornerstone is Refraction Festival, a global art and music event happening March and April 2022. The Festival features performances and art installations in over 10 cities across five continents, as well as in the open Metaverse.

Levy, a central figure of RefractioDAO, is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator based in Toronto. His practice encompasses visual and video art, curation, design, writing, platforms, music and interactive art. Malcolm was Director of the New Forms Festival from 2001 – 2016, and the Curator of CODE Live, a Digital Festival featured during the 2010 Olympics Games. Since 2017 Levy has been immersed in the creative app Generate whose Artist Program helps sponsors Refraction Festival.

To find out more about RefractionDAO, click below:


Curious about the metaverse now? Explore it yourself using the link above. We left the doors open for you -- if you pop in now, you might meet even see one of us ;)

Meetups in the Metaverse takes place on the NOWHERE platform. Please login with:
πŸ’» a computer,
πŸ”Ž a chrome browser
πŸ“Ά a stable internet connection
🎧and headphones

*we recommend closing out of extra tabs and applications for bandwidth compatability:)

Learn more about NOWHERE at

*events are held on ET time, please note, this event will be recorded.

πŸšͺ 7:00PM | Event Starts
🎀 7:20PM | Welcome Announcement
🎀 7:40PM | Talk
🎀 7:55PM | Q&A
🎊 8:00PM | Networking
πŸ’« 8:30PM | Event Ends
Online event
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