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Dropbox NYC

50 W 23rd St · New York, NY

How to find us

Take the elevator directly to Floor 4 then check in at the front desk.

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We're happy to announce our seventh useReactNYC Meetup! It will be held at Dropbox at 50 W 23rd St, Floor 4.

We'd like to thank Dropbox for their sponsorship!

Be sure to check out our Code of Conduct at useReact.NYC.

Our amazing speakers are Stacey Sern & Henry Zhu!

** Demystifying JavaScript Modules **

The original design of JavaScript did not make it easy to structure code and control access to variables. Attempts to address this problem over the years led to another problem: multiple competing module systems. With ES6, standardized modules have become part of the language.
This talk will explain why we need modules, how to recognize various types (CommonJS, AMD and UMD) and how to migrate to ES6 modules.

Stacey Sern is a Software Engineer at Dropbox. As part of the Web Platform Team, she drove the upgrade to React 16 on a million line codebase. She’s an alum of the Recurse Center ( and lives in Central Jersey. When Stacey isn't writing code she likes to do the NY Times crossword, visit escape rooms and play fantasy football.


Henry Zhu is a full time maintainer of Babel thanks to the community funding on Open Collective and GitHub Sponsors. He hosts 2 podcasts, Hope in Source and Maintainers Anonymous. He's based in NY and likes Korean BBQ, ping pong, and board games.