UXMK: UX for Transport + Mobility


What's the evening about?

Transport in 5, 10 or 15 years' time will not look anything like it does today.

There are new products emerging in this market such as Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

What does mean for customers and users?

This event will explore UX, design thinking and customer experience for the transport industry in the future. There will talks about design-thinking for transport policy and UX and design for new mobility products.


The Run Down

The evening ahead will look something like this:

5.30 - 6.00 - Networking and food
6.00 - 6.10 - Intro by VWFS and Snap Out
6.10 - 6.30 - Lucy Yu, FiveAI
6.30 - 6.50 - Steve Mulvey, Immense Simulations
6.50 - 7.10 - James Gleave, Mobility Policy Lab
7.10 - 7.30 - Q&A
7.30 - 7.40 - Close
7.40 - 8.00 - Wind down


About the Speakers

Lucy Yu, Director of Public Policy, FiveAI

Getting to know Betty

Automating the driving task is a complex engineering challenge widely discussed by developers. But widespread adoption of automated vehicles may also depend upon successfully automating the customer experience. This talk will discuss some of the potential areas that might require future exploration.

Lucy is Director of Public Policy at FiveAI, Europe’s largest company dedicated to developing the software and tools to power self-driving vehicles. She has spent fifteen years building internationally renowned tech companies, and establishing and growing groundbreaking technology policy teams in government. In 2019 she was named by the Financial Times as a Top 100 Most Influential BAME Leader in Tech.


Steve Mulvey Product Designer (UI/UX), Immense Simulations

Immense: Scaling and Democratising Simulations

How to take something costly and specialist e.g configuring simulations and making it scalable and accessible to anyone, thus creating and unlocking new markets enabled by smart city planning, electric and autonomous vehicles and AI.

Steve has helped to build and optimise businesses from E-commerce retailers to Saas providers by placing humans at the heart of what they do. Whether you are selling products to consumers online or providing a service direct to businesses, the human need to understand and navigate digital and offline systems is universal. Now at Immense Simulations, he is applying the experience he has in E-commerce, manufacturing, and Saas to the emerging challenges and opportunities the future of mobility presents.


James Gleave, Founder, Mobility Policy Lab

Don't think customers, act community

Transport is not a service to be designed or an infrastructure to be operated. It is a community asset, where everyone has a stake. It’s time we took the needs of communities - and not users - seriously.

Do you want an innovative or user-centred transport policy? Based on a deep understanding the needs of your users? Then James your man to help you co-create it.

Through his company Mobility Lab, James works with your team and stakeholders to apply user-centred design, and new data analytics techniques to collaboratively explore the future, creating robust and innovative strategies. He has worked with policy makers and startups to
create and adopt new public and business strategies. This is based on 16 years working in transport policy, technology foresight, and scenario planning.


Thank You

Thank you to the event host VWFS!