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Friday Night Sunset Hike: (Cancelling Due to Rain)

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Friday Night Sunset Hike: (Cancelling Due to Rain)


We will be hiking up to a great place to watch the sunset! This is one of our most popular hikes and we will be leading it year-round.

The Wild Rose hike is a loop of approximately 2 miles, with 344' of elevation gain.

We strongly believe that helping others is an important part of what we do.

Wild Rose Hike:

Please meet on the grass between the parking lot and the covered picnic area.


It is okay to bring your dogs on this hike, however we strongly recommend rattlesnake avoidance training if you bring your dog in the summer.

Bad Weather: We encourage you to show up even if the forecast isn't good, as things generally turn out okay. We reserve the option to opt for a shorter version of the hike depending on conditions (storms approaching etc.)

Lightning: If there lightning in the area, we will generally cancel the hike.

Meet here:

Utah Outdoors
Utah Outdoors
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650 East Sky Crest Lane · North Salt Lake, UT