A Real-World Design Systems Workshop by Jina Anne (tickets via website)

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Tickets: https://jointfuturesconf.com/tickets

When you get to create a design system from scratch in parallel with designing a new product, it's an exciting, new adventure in architecture, organization, and defining all the things. But the reality is most people are not starting from scratch.

Most people are either inheriting a design system that already exists, or are trying to apply a design system to a product that already exists. So where do we start when that is the case? This workshop focuses on this real-world scenario most of us face in design systems, and how to move forward:

1. Refresher on Why We Do Design Systems in the First Place.
2. Refactoring and Realigning a Current Design System.
3. Retrofitting a New Design System into an Old Product.
4. Reinforcing Your Design System for Longevity and Maintainability.

Intended Audience: Intermediate Design Systems Practitioner