Designing for Inclusivity with Vanquis Bank

UX Playground - User Experience Design Meetup
UX Playground - User Experience Design Meetup
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Inclusive Design has the potential to transform businesses and products radically if used well. It can help us avoid design disasters. It can help us build more sustainable teams. It is the secret sauce behind many of the most successful services that people use every day.

This UX Playground event marks the beginning of a series of transparent and honest talks in which we explore Vanquis Bank’s journey to implementing Inclusive Design.

Join us to experience the challenge and opportunities that arise from implementing Inclusive Design and be part of the creative solutions that the Vanquis Bank team explores during this journey.

Besides the Vanquis Bank team, we have invited a panel of experts to join the conversation and to gain a deeper understanding of Designing for Inclusivity.

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Main takeaways:
Prepare to be confused!
Inclusive Design is not accessible design, is not as simple as a tick list, and is going to expose you to challenges you’d never have thought of before.

Beware the tipping point!
Inclusive Design is hard. Hard to grasp, hard to implement, and hard to describe. Your internal teams may not understand it straight away; they might not believe it and don’t want to engage with it. But when you reach that point of understanding – get ready because things get interesting quickly!

Radical transparency if your best friend – own your mistakes! Inclusive Design will show you everything you’ve been doing wrong, and the best way to navigate those conversations is to be entirely transparent with everything you do. It will force a culture change in your business, and you’ll be at the sharp end. Stay strong. You’re doing good work.

6:45 pm Doors open
7:00 pm Welcome
7:05 pm The proposition
7:30 pm Q&A and discussion
7:55 pm Raffle
8:00 pm Networking
8:15 pm Goodbye

About the panellists
Andrew Larking heads up the design team at Vanquis bank. He’s worked in design and human-computer interaction for over twenty years. He’s built software that is used to make movie magic, gestures that we all use every day on our phones, interfaces that control missile systems, and even swarms of robotic garden assistants. What ties these together is their focus on being highly usable whilst also being beautiful.

Sam Coyle is Digital Content & Engagement Lead at Vanquis Bank and has worked in eCommerce & digital marketing for over 15 years. At Vanquis, Sam’s role is concerned with establishing good content practices and standing up a content strategy and social capability.

Kim Anderson is a Service Designer who is passionate about accessible and inclusive design. With 12yrs experience in the learning and development sector, she has applied a service design approach to develop inclusive products and digital platforms. Kim works in Further Education at the Service Design Academy, where they partner with public, private and third sector clients to build the skills of design leaders and capacity in business to create better services and customer experiences.

Jessie Blaynee is a user researcher consultant who enjoys marrying different models from both HCI and UX worlds to develop information systems, structures and content strategy through tailored research approaches. She believes in making digital experiences and products inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible.

Let's get together to collaborate, explore and play.

I look forward to another UX Playground event and hope you will be joining us.


A big thank you to Adobe XD, eSynergy, Sync and Rosenfeld Media for sponsoring this event.