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Convert It. Wear It. Color It.

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101 Tremont St · Boston, MA

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Enter the glass doors, smile and wave, turn left, and head up to Floor 2.

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Boosting Website Conversions (6:35–7:00)

by Tom Shapiro | @tomshapiro ( | LinkedIn (

Learn how to leverage psychology in boosting conversion rates on your website. What makes a site visitor click? What makes a site visitor frustrated and leave? In this presentation, you'll uncover key insights into the intersection of human psychology and user experience (UX) and learn to tap into your site visitors' subconscious to spur them into action.

About Tom: Tom Shapiro is the founder of Stratabeat (, a marketing strategy and design agency in Burlington, MA. Throughout Tom's career, he has developed digital strategies for clients ranging from startups to market leaders such as HP, AT&T, Intel, Experian and P&G. Tom's thoughts on websites, UX and marketing have been published in (, MarketingProfs, Website Magazine and many others.

The Many-Hat Product Designer - An Independent Perspective (7:05–7:30)

by Brian O'Neill | @rhythmspice ( | LinkedIn (

Are you a specialist or a generalist? Are you a problem finder or a problem solver? How many hats does the future-proof product designer need to wear?

After 18 years of placing pixels and trying to enable great UXs at bite-sized startups and bulky enterprises, Brian will share some observations from his time as an independent designer working with diverse product teams and domains. How does one stand out as a true product designer? What are some common problems product teams have? What skills are some digital product designers missing?

About Brian: Brian O'Neill has been designing and shipping useful, usable, and beautiful software user interfaces since 1996. Recently, Brian has been serving as acting Creative Director for the new startup, (, and a few of his recent clients' products have become award-winning software applications. Brian has worked with NetApp, Tripadvisor, Fidelity, DataXu, Accenture, MITRE, Lycos, JP Morgan Chase, and ETrade among many others. He also co-founded (, a unique search engine allowing people to compare "trips of a lifetime" from the world's best adventure-travel operators. Brian also leads the acclaimed dual-ensemble, Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica (@orchestrotica (

The Many Meanings of Color (7:35–8:00)

by Maria Matveeva | @rgbcolor ( | (

Color can communicate very different things depending on your context and culture. We all have assumptions about what a certain color might mean, but rarely question them or are aware of them to begin with. With a few anecdotes we'll learn about some history of color, meaning, and then identify some questions to ask before we make color decisions.

About Maria: Maria Matveeva is a designer at DockYard ( focusing on user experience design from research and testing through to visual design. Maria has a background in graphic design, art history, and has an incredible knack for discovering new ways to use materials to create unique hand made items. Before joining DockYard, she worked with Design Museum Boston, FOFA Gallery (Montreal, Canada) and Americans United (Washington, D.C.).

Show Schedule

6:00 - 6:30: Pizza

6:30 - 6:35: UX Opener by Steve (

6:35 - 7:00: The Neuroscience of Boosting Website Conversions

7:05 - 7:30: The Many-Hat Product Designer - An Independent Perspective

7:35 - 8:00: The Many Meanings of Color

8:00+ Beantown Pub (Downstairs)

Why are you charging $1?

We're looking for an accurate count for food and people have suggested charging $1. They mentioned that it would get us a pretty accurate headcount and cover some costs at the same time. Let us know if you have another suggestion!