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[Remote] Agile meets UX


In this special edition meetup, we will be taking a close look at the collaboration between Software Engineers and UX Designers, discussing real-world issues faced by the team at niceshops and seeing how they may be overcome.

Join our panel discussion in which we will talk about:

  • Should UX and engineers form one cross-functional Scrum team, or not?
  • Meeting overload, coordination efforts, miscommunication... How to overcome?
  • Product Owner & UX - how to best collaborate?

To make this happen we've joined forces with the Agile Graz International Meetup and gathered a diverse group of panellists who will bring different viewpoints, and share their experiences, lessons learned, and best practices.

Please meet:

  • Nina Hintner (UX, Niceshops)
  • Michael Lammer (PO, Niceshops)
  • Jelena Vucinic (Agile Coach, Dynatrace)
  • Tamara Feiertag (PO, DCCS)
  • Lukas Bittner (UX, Parkside)

And our final panelist - you. By asking questions using slido during the whole panel, you’ll have the chance to participate and co-create a great conversation.
In case you want to join us on-site, please register to the On-site Event!

18:00 - Gathering
18:30 - Panel discussion
19:30 - Q&A session
til 22:00 - Social mingling

Looking forward to seeing many of you, on-site and remotely. :)

UX Graz
UX Graz
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