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Get Mobbed-Up On This - Mob Programming With the VNext MOB

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In software development we rarely work as an individual. Functioning as a team of software developers is hard. In many “teams” you simply split up the work into individual chunks and work on each part separately and then at the end try and merge all the various code branches back together.

Not only is this hard, it also results in certain parts of a code base being “owned” by an individual.

Mob programming is a whole team approach to software development. The idea is if everyone on the team is involved with all aspects of the code then you should:

· Get a better code base, as multiple brains evaluated it as it was created.

· Everyone on the team can work on any part of the product as they all wrote it.

· Specialized knowledge gets shared with the entire team bringing the collective value of the team up.

· Best practices will be more closely followed as there will be no “sneaking in” of bad code.

So bring your laptops, and your brains were going to build something beautiful together.

In the Get Mobbed-Up On This sessions we will be focused on solving problems as a team. Since the sessions are short, the end result is not to ship working code (however we usually do), but rather the lesion we will be learning is how to program as a team.

Pitchforks not required!