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It's Primetime: a JavaScript Story, by Einar Ingebrigtsen from Norway!

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This is the first night at our new venue for speakers that are out-of-town/state/country who need more than ~1 hour to speak (new Crescent Solutions limits, and only 1 event per month), like Brian Lagunas and Einar.

TekSolutions has offered their venue for weekend events, all-day events, as many events as we want (CERTSigs, Newbie Programs, Paired Programming, work on our website together, ELance, whatever we want to do, plus do what vnext is all about: have PHP, Ruby, BigData, PhotoShop, jQuery, WordPress, Android, iPhone/iPad, etc. events as well as our monthly meetings.)

TekSolutions paid for food at Charles Petzold event, Einar's presentation Monday at Saddleback College, and is offering us so many perks we REALLY need to thank them!

Libations continue ;-)

<6:00pm - 7:00pm: Happy Hour and Networking>

7:00pm - 7:15pm: Group Updates

7:15pm ~ 9pm: Einar's Presentation...OPEN-ENDED For those who want to pick Einar's end time...:-)

9:00pm - 9:30pm: Prizes and More Networking

Einar's Tuesday Night Presentation Title: "It's Primetime: A JavaScript Story"

Einar's Tuesday Night Presentation Synopsis:

It's pretty fair to say that JavaScript is not a fad; it is by far
the most widespread programming language out there and also the most available runtime we have, ranging from toasters to the web, and even to the backend development through Node.js. Its probably also fair to say that we should really embrace it and start treating it like a first class citizen of our day
to day work. In this talk, Einar will take you on a tour of how you can work
with JavaScript with similar patterns you're already used to from the rest of
your server code. Writing tests or specifications that proves your code is also
important, Einar will show how to get started with this and how you can achieve more testable JavaScript by applying patterns like MVVM (Model View ViewModel) using KnockoutJS.

Einar's Bio:
Einar Ingebrigtsen has been working in the software industry since
1994. He started his career writing games for platforms such as the
Playstation, Super Nintendo and DirectX for Windows. Later he went on to write software for broadcast television and since 2002 he has been doing enterprise ready line of business applications, primarily on the Microsoft stack. Einar is a Microsoft MVP and tries to engage in the community as much as he can. A frequent speaker in Norway @ user groups and conferences. He is actively involved in the open source community, with being the author of Balder, a 3D engine for Silverlight, co-author of Bifrost, application development frameworkand also projects like Forseti, a headless JavaScript test runner, Yggdrasil, a Windows 8 IoC Container. Together with 3 other partners, Einar runs a company called Dolittle ( ) focusing on delivering quality software to clients.