• SoCAL Evening Event for IT Experts - Building Out Your Cybersecurity Stack

    We would like to welcome your members to SoCal Evening Event For IT and Cloud Service Providers Serving the SMB IT Channel -- at the WeWork Workspace in Irvine Spectrum Center 11/17 4:30pm - 9:30pm. SaaSMAX Corp, the SaaS marketplace provider will make its first cybersecurity roadshow stop in Irvine; the event focusing on trends and threats currently affecting IT solution providers, Cloud Services Providers (CSPs), VARs, MSPs, and MSSPs in the SMB IT channel. Featured panel speakers, cybersecurity thought-leaders, beer and SaaS! During the sessions, attendees will hear from various industry thought leaders, such as: • Darin Andersen, Chairman & Founder, CyberTECH • Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO, Access Smart LLC • Leonard Dimiceli, VP Channel Sales, MyDigitalShield • Dean Galbreath, Channel and Direct Sales Leader, CompTIA • Clinton Gatewood, VP Partner & Reseller Development, SaaSMAX • Michael Grant, Principal, Barney & Barney • Marc Haskelson, President and CEO, Compliancy Group • Jo Peterson, VP of Cloud Services, Clarify360 • Oli Thordarson, CEO, Alvaka Networks Event details and registration page found here: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07eddot8lu3dfac2a1&oseq=&c=&ch= See you there!

  • Machine Learning & It's Applications In Software Development Industry

    Come join us for the V_Next User Group: Pizza, Drinks, & Networking from 6:00pm - 6:30pm. Followed by a presentation on Machine learning and it's applications in the broader software development industry We will be talking about Machine Learning and some of the APIs and technologies available to take advantage of it. Microsoft Cognitive Services will be one. We will create an app that does sentiment analysis on the fly. We will also create a chat bot to highlight how easy it is with current machine learning platforms Speaker: Harrison Spain- http://redwoodcodeacademy.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/harrison-spain

  • Jeff Hart - Refactoring Legacy Code for Testability

    Refactoring legacy code for testability How dealing with brownfields can make you a better (greenfield) developer Abstract: We all know we “should” write unit tests, and some of us try to practice Test Driven Development (TDD). But oftentimes it’s hard. Some code is really hard to test, especially if it wasn’t designed with testability in mind. And truth is, a lot of us don’t really grok what “testability” means (other than use a lot of interfaces, but how does that help?). In this session we’ll take a typical sample UWP app written without unit tests and transform it into a form that can be unit tested. Along the way we’ll see some of the principals which TDD promotes and how they would have prevented the “bad design” in the first place. Although this is a Windows Universal Platform app, those principals should apply to everything from web to WinForms and WPF in between.

  • Hattan Shobokshi - ASP.NET 5 and .NET Core


    What’s new in http://ASP.NET 5 (Core) and introducing .NET Core In this presentation we will take a look at the recent updates to http://ASP.NET 5, the newest iteration of the Microsoft Web Development stack. Come check out some of the cool new features that have been introduced to the framework . Let's take a look at how http://ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI fit into this new modular and decoupled development stack. We'll take a detailed look at the tools you need to build an http://asp.net 5 app. We'll also look at building apps using Visual Studio 2015 and without it. We'll examine cross platform ability as well as new features in http://ASP.NET MVC 6, WebAPI & Razor. This session will feature a lot of code samples and demos to help you get familiar with http://asp.net 5 and it's associated tools. Topics to be Covered: · DotNet Core · http://ASP.NET MVC6 · Entity Framework 7 · Razor Syntax updates · Dependency Injection · Poco Controllers · TagHelpers · Incremental Flushing · Combining MVC routes and WebAPI Routes in a Single Controller · ViewComponents · http://ASP.NET MVC on *nix/OSX Bio Hattan Shobokshi is a Software Architect, technical speaker, & Microsoft MVP. Hattan is responsible for developing applications on a variety of platforms including web, desktop and mobile devices. He is passionate about delivering scalable applications that adhere to industry best practices. Hattan has many years of experience building software with .NET (with a particular expertise in http://ASP.NET MVC), JavaScript & other web technologies. Hattan is also experienced in continuous delivery and cloud technologies. Hattan is Vice President of the Los Angeles .NET user group as well as a member of the core organizing team for SoCal Code Camp. He regularly presents at local user groups and code camps.

  • vNext Mobbed up on Windows 10 IoT


    vNext Mobbed up on Windows 10 IoT We’re continuing our series on programming Universal Windows Apps (i.e., Windows 10 store apps) by looking at the “Windows on Devices”; i.e., Windows 10 for IoT. We’ll have a $40 Raspberry Pi to play with and we’ll see how it does run *real* Windows, how to wire the Pi up to simple breadboards to experiment with buttons, lights and sensors. Even if you’ve not joined us before, come experiment with the “maker scene” and get a flavor for the promise of Universal Windows Apps. As usual the group will decide our project but we’ll likely write some Win10 code and run it on “regular” PC and the Raspberry, try some simple “direct control” of lights and maybe even create a weather station.

  • DI Why? Getting A Grip on Dependency Injection

    What is Dependency Injection? And why would we want to use it? That's what we're here to answer. We'll start by looking at the problems caused by tight coupling. Then we'll use some DI patterns such as constructor injection and property injection to break that tight coupling. We'll see how loosely-coupled applications are easier to extend and test. With a better understanding of the basic patterns, we'll remove the magic behind DI containers so that we can use the tools appropriately in our code. About Jeremy: Jeremy Clark makes developers better. By drawing on over 15 years of experience in application development, he helps developers take a step up in their skillset with a focus on making complex topics approachable regardless of skill level. He is a Microsoft MVP for .NET, and he has authored seven courses for Pluralsight, including "C# Interfaces", a course aimed at giving developers a clear understanding of abstraction. Jeremy lives in Southern California with 2 cats and a banjo. For more information, visit http://www.jeremybytes.com . Schedule: 6:00 to 6:30PM - Pizza & Networking 6:30PM - Jeremy Clark Presentation, DI Why?

  • Universal Windows Platform (Win10) Development - Get Mobbed Up On This!!!

    Universal Windows Platform (Win10) Development At vNext OC, we’re running a multiple meeting deep dive into developing for Windows 10 devices—from traditional desktop PCs, to phones, tablets, large screens like Xbox and the new Surface Hub—even HoloLens and IoT systems. By spending multiple meetings on UWP, we’ve got the time to dig into the myriad of changes with these new modern apps. But our format is “forgiving” so even if you’ve missed a meeting (or all of them so far) you are welcome and we hope you’ll get a lot out of our next get-together. In our previous meetings we’ve covered these topics: · Introduction to UWP development, the implications of “one binary” and device families · Life cycle and navigation – compare/contrast OnLaunched, OnSuspending & OnResuming; the basics of page navigation, etc. Introduction to deferrals needed for Async operations. · Adaptive UI – using Visual States and Adaptive Triggers to build a UX which scales from a phone to a wall. See those respective weeks for a “catch up” if you missed those topics. Our efforts are self-directed—show up if you want to “steer” the group towards a topic which interests you—but we’re currently planning on building an “offline reader” for the group’s Meetup site.

  • Exploring MongoDB with Daniel Lewis


    In this talk we will go through the basics of MongoDB including: • What MongoDB is • Basic Tools and Resources • Querying • Inserting, updating, partial updates, upserting, and deleting records • Composing complex Queries • Projection • Using the node.js driver • Database and Schema design approaches • Complex data models and relations • Indexes and Performance • Text Queries • The aggregation framework • Replica Sets • Reading from secondary nodes • Sharding The presentation will be held at iHerb in 15535 Sand Canyon Avenue in Irvine. The building is off Sand Canyon Avenue and Waterworks. Please feel free to also enjoy iHerb's arcade (including ping pong and foosball tables) during the networking/dinner time before the presentation. And if you would like a tour of the facility, iHerb would also be happy to show you around! Schedule: 6:15 to 7:00PM - Pizza and Networking. iHerb Tours. 7:00PM to Close - Daniel Lewis and Exploring MongoDB

  • OC User Group December Holiday Mixer

    Muldoon's Irish Pub

    Hello and Happy December vNextOC! Orange County User Group leaders have come together to arrange a Holiday Mixer at Muldoon's Irish Pub in Newport Beach and we even have a sponsor or two helping kick off the evening with a round or two of appetizers. Come share a little holiday cheer with your developer peers fellow Microsoft Technology specialists involved in: * SharePoint & Office * Azure & Cloud * ASP.Net Development * Windows Development * .Net Architecture * Application Lifecycle Management Please RSVP here or with one of the other participating groups so we can get a sense of headcount. Thanks! ~Carlo