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It's all about an easy way to connect Blues fans with Blues bands valley wide!

Meet people, who share your love for Blues. Post and peruse Blues events that include band and other Blues musicians performances, jam sessions and of course... Blues Meetups!

Blues bands can post shows for fans to find.

Blues fans can suggest and post events, discuss bands, venues and times.

Like to jam or support those who do? You'll find a number of Blues Jams, too.

Want to meet others, share your love for Blues? We've got Meetups happening for you!

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Please Note...

Your approval for membership requires that you Must Post and Maintain a facially identifiable photograph of yourself on your profile for this group.

This does not mean a photo of your favorite cat, car or celestial constellation. Although... you may include those in addition to your FACE. After all, the reason for the Meetup group is to Meet Others. Recognition is required. However, you may not include, publish or otherwise post your personal email, phone number or other contact information on public message boards.

By joining this group, all members agree that they act and meet up with others at their own will. All members are expected to act with civility and responsibly during all events. The organizers of this group assume no responsibility or liability for incidents or damages that occur at events.

Please do not email or contact any member of the group for business or for any other purpose except that is relevant to this group's events. Doing so may be grounds for removal. This does not preclude the sending of a non-business personal note to another member. Any member receiving inappropriate or unwanted messages from another member should contact meetup.com support for advice and assistance or contact legal authorities as might be appropriate.

Thanks- we look forward to meeting you.

Please Read and indicate that you have read this page when requesting to join: http://www.meetup.com/valley-of-sun-blues/about/

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