Huge Giveaway (Front Sight) and Free Pizza

This is a past event

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I know this is a movie group.

We have some members that are wanting some firearms training because they see all the movies and want to learn. We also have some members that are scared of guns and have no idea how safe they really are with professional training. We are taking a SAFETY/educational class. This a 4 day firearms training class with in Sept 12th or Sept 26th in Nevada. You can also go to the class in Oct 24th with us. They will provide (MOVIES) or videos for safety and instruction.

Yes, it's a group trip to Nevada. We did this 2 years ago and everyone had a great time. Because we have 6300 members we are getting a huge deal. This is normally a $2,000 class, but we are getting in for $250 at enter vmg as the discount code.

If you have kids or grand kids, Sept 26th has a course for kids where kids learn basic survival skills in the desert, they get to filter water using sand and rocks, build a shelter, build a fire, climb a rock wall, rope and rappel off the side of a building, they get to play in a huge cave and play every game they can think of. They also get to learn defensive skills if they are involved in a fight, screaming, yelling, and taking the proper steps to stay away from fights. You can choose which events they participate in. They also get to learn how to shoot a 22lr, rifle, 410 shotgun (low recoil) and more. Front Sight pays for the ammo. These are master level instructors.
They have about 9-10 instructors working with 30-40 kids. It is very staff intensive.

I have seen a lot of children and interviewed a few, EVERY kid loved the class. While the kiddos are in class, you get to be on the adult class learning. When your class is up, you pick up the munchkin.

This event is to talk about what you need, who to carpool with, share a room? You can also rent a firearm for the class that includes all that you need. Ammo is extra!

We will discuss hotels, guns, holsters, mag holsters, and more.

During the event we are giving away a huge value to someone in attendance. Lets just say it is worth A LOT!

If you want to come, but can't make any of these dates, we will be going several times a year. It is my mini vacation.