Introduction to Angular 2

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Almost 24 months since the first commit, Angular 2 is close to its first release! The frontend SPA (React, Elm, Cycle.js, Vue.js, etc) landscaped has changed dramatically during this time, can Angular 2 bring something amazing to the table?

In this Introduction to Angular 2, Gary will try to help you answer the most prominent questions.

1) What is Angular 2? How is it different from Angular 1?

2) Is Angular 2 for me? Would I benefit from the upgrade?

3) How to get started? Is it time to upgrade?

We will follow with status quo on tooling and live getting started demo in Typescript. If you have any questions, feel free to post them on Discussions or Slack channel.

Presentation by Gary Yeung - Co Founder of Perked -

Gary is co-founder at Perked!, where he spends his time building their culture intelligence platform to help high-growth companies to build transparent culture. He is a software craftsman who strongly believes in delivering more by developing better software. He has a strong interest in purely functional programming, distribution systems, progressive web application and machine learning. In his free time, he loves playing tennis and cook. His previous work lives includes Amazon and IBM.