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03/12/20 COVID-19 Update:

I have made the decision to CANCEL ALL VBGL EVENTS for the time being. I'll be sure to message all members before any new games are added to the schedule.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully we will see a return to normalcy soon so we can get back to gaming.


1. Hosting board gaming events in Vancouver

2. Building an inclusive community for veteran gamers and newcomers alike

3. Bringing today's hottest titles to the table, facilitated by friendly Game Masters who are willing to teach

Check out our events page to see what games we'll be playing this week. Be sure to RSVP so we can save you a chair at your game of choice. If you have a game you'd like to host, please DM the Meetup Organizer so we can get you on the schedule with plenty of advanced notice.


Our events typically take place at cafes and game stores that require a minimum spend of $5.00 per person. Please DM the organizer if you would like to attend, but are unable to meet the minimum spend.


RSVP cancellations MUST be made 24 hours prior to an event taking place so that the event organizer has time to contact waitlisted members and confirm their attendance.

Please respect your fellow gamers, and the event space. See you at the table!

Vancouver Board Game League acknowledges that our Meetup events are held on the traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations and that these territories were never ceded through treaty, war or surrender.


>>>Why does it say 'Unpaid' next to my name in the Meetup event?

Our events take place at cafes, restaurants, and gaming stores that usually require a minimum spend of $5.00 per person. The 'unpaid' label is a reminder for attendees to bring a bit of cash. At no point will it switch to 'paid' as we do not collect payments through the Meetup interface. If anyone has a better idea for reminding attendees to bring cash, I'm all ears....

>>>How can I host a game?

Send a DM to ME, Alex, the organizer of the Meetup. Just let me know what game, where and when and I'll add it to the schedule. If you are hosting a game, please bring all game materials and be prepared to teach the game to new players. If you'd like to label the game 'for experienced players only', just let me know.

VBGL will NOT post events taking place at people's residences - with the exception of common rooms in apartment buildings. We can recommend several gaming stores and cafes that have been great for hosting past events:

Cartems Donuts, Rain City Games, KingSize Bubble Tea and Games, Pizzeria Ludica, Storm Crow Tavern/Alehouse, Magic Stronghold, Charisma Cafe

>>>Why don't you run more games in New West/Burnaby/North Shore, etc?

In short, because I live in East Van lol

If you would like to run a game at a public location that works for you, please send me a DM.

>>>Why don't you run GAME X,Y,Z ?

In short, because I don't own it lol.

If there's a game you'd like to run, shoot me a DM.

>>>What does it mean to be put on the 'Waitlist'?

Most games we run are limited to 6 players or fewer. If more people sign up, they are added to the waitlist. I track the waitlist activity, and whenever possible will add a second table to accomodate more players.

If you become waitlisted, and own a copy of the game we are playing, please let me know.

>>>Will you be enforcing rules updates (ex. ROOT, Tapestry, Scythe, etc)?

VBGL events are run by Game Masters who bring all materials and teach the games to new players. It is 100% the Game Master's call to use whatever ruleset, updates, and/or house rules they want.

>>>Why don't you host 'Open Gaming' events?

I started VBGL with the goal of running the Meetup the way conventions are run - with a schedule of games that folks can sign up to play. That way, you know you are signing up to play a specific game at a specific time and place.

There are other, excellent Vancouver Meetup groups that focus more on drop-in, causal, open gaming - if that style of gaming is your preference, I'd advise you to check out one of those groups.

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