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VanJS: Advanced Node.js and Modernizr 2

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Prepare for a very special VanJS. This month we have Faruk Ate? in town presenting the future of his popular Modernizr progressive-enhancement library, and our beloved Joyeurs presenting an in depth look at using Node.js and as part of your daily work.

Node.js In Depth: Brock Whitten and Rob Ellis of Joyent will bring practical advice for making Node.js part of your everyday toolkit and getting deployed on the Joyent platform. "Hello World" is the starting point of this talk and users are expected to have come this far on their own. They will cover deployment on, how to upload files, streams & the pump() utility, modules, npm 1.0, package.json, connect/express, and

A New Approach to Web Development with Modernizr 2: Faruk Ate? is Lead Designer at Apture, was previously a UI Engineer at Apple, and wrote both JQuery Runloop and Modernizr. The Web is buzzing with excitement over HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Progressive Enhancement, “Mobile First” and whether or not tablets are something to design for separately from the desktop. Modernizr 2 was designed specifically to make it easy for you to do all these great things, without losing your head in the cloud(s).


Node.js: Brock Whitten and Rob Ellis Mdernizr 2: Faruk Ate? Beers tentative due to playoff insanity We'll be at SFU Harbour Centre as we usually are, this time in the larger theatre-style room 1800. As usual, first come first served.

515 W Hastings St · Vancouver, BC
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