Past Meetup

*FREE Dancing* Ceroc Tuesday: Dance Party (with lessons)


One day free dancing -- with lessons !!

Everyone is Welcome!
(Yes, your guests and friends are welcome too).
**** FREE: at check-in, please sign in as my guests ****
FREE *ONLY* for Tuesday, June 24th.

Miss the good o' days of house party and dance-able music (80's, 90's, Top-40s)? Featuring music that you love to dance to, and the venue where EVERYone dances.

NO Partners required. NO dance experience required.(Everyone dances with everyone else). Instant dancing: from 0 to dancing in 30 minutes !!!! Come just one night, and you will dance with more people than you can count.

Past photos: Mar. 22nd, ( Mar. 15th (, Mar. 8th (, Sep. 24th (, Dec. 10th (

Ceroc dancing is for people who are interested in EASY and FUN
beginner dancing. It's mixture of Swing, Latin, and standard Ballroom; relaxed, casual, informal, sociable, lively music (top-40 music: Outasight, Ke$ha, Flo Rida, Ne-Yo, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Taio Cruz, etc), and versatile (can dance to many, different music: soft-rock, jive, tango, swing, cha-cha, even salsa, Merenque and Bachata, etc).

Sample music list: search keywords: ceroc, modern jive

Tuesday night Ceroc: Polish Vets Hall (not open July & Aug)
Address: 1134 Kingsway, 2.5 blocks west of Kingsway and Knight St.
Transit: Bus #19.

Thursday night Ceroc: Cambrian Hall
Address: 215 East 17th Avenue, Main & 17th Ave.
Transit: Bus #03.

Are you looking for?
1. social mixer, friendly people to mingle;
2. exercise (more fun than treadmill and Wii)
3. night club fun, top-40 music;
4. learn to dance, practice, dance partners;
5. all of the above

Got any favorite dance music??? Make requests of songs
that make you wanna move like Jagger!!!

(This is a MULTI-Meet-up group event: there will be MORE people than signed up here; usual attendance: 30-50 ppl).

Have to work or go hiking the next day? No problem.
Ceroc nights end at: 10pm
Ceroc evenings are ON-GOING, EVERY Tuesday and Thursday nights.