Past Meetup

Walking the seawall to Kits Beach and back (and optional pub lunch)


Is it really September already? It's so hard to believe it when the weather is still so fantastic!
So I thought it would be nice to enjoy this extended summer by going for a stroll on the seawall to Kits Beach on Saturday 15th September; currently the forecast for that day is for more of the same warm sunshine, so fingers crossed!

Route Details:
Walk south along the seawall from Science World over to Kits Beach (by the beach volleyball courts and Boathouse Restaurant) and then return to Science World.
Time: around 2 hours, including a short break at the halfway point.
Round Trip: 10 Km (a little over 6 miles).
Elevation Gain: mostly flat.
Pace: Between 4.5 km/hr and 5.2 km/hr (around 2.9 miles/hr).
Click on this link for a map of the entire route:

After the walk, those of us who want to can go for something to eat and drink at one of the pubs/restaurants in the local area (my personal favourite is The London pub on Main Street, but I'm always open to alternative suggestions!).

Liabilities, Obligations and Responsibilities
This is a group organized by volunteers. It is not a professional organization. The organizers are not in any way responsible for any participant on the walk. You are responsible for yourself and your own safety. However, as a group of friends, we will keep an eye on each other.