#VanRuby Meetup Talk - Turbo Rails with Rust by @chancancode!


Our very own Mr Godfrey Chan (@chancancode (https://twitter.com/chancancode)) is passing through Vancouver next week and has graciously accepted to give a talk to our #vanruby meetup. Sorry it's last minute, I'll update this meetup on his talk description when I get it, trust me it'll be great.

A little about him

Godfrey Chan is a member of the Rails core team and a contributor to various open-source projects. He works at Tilde Inc, splitting his time between building Skylight and open-source consulting. In his previous life, he was also an award-winning WordPress™ plugin author.

The Talk: Turbo Rails with Rust

Ruby is not the fastest language in the world, there is no doubt about it. This doesn't turn out to matter all that much – Ruby and its ecosystem has so much more to offer, making it a worthwhile tradeoff a lot of the times.

However, you might occasionally encounter workloads that are simply not suitable for Ruby. This is especially true for frameworks like Rails, where the overhead wants to be as little as possible.

In this talk, we will explore building a native Ruby extension with Rust to speed up parts of Rails. What does Rust have to offer here over plain-old C? Let's find out!


CodeCore has kindly put up their space last minute to host us and there'll be some beverages sponsored by Brewhouse, if you'd like to sponsor some food, ping me a message.

We'll open doors at 6:30pm and aim to start his talk at 7pm.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Let others know about this meetup (http://ctt.ec/RjEQf)