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Asynchronous Processing in Rails with Resque/Sidekiq

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Kalvir Sandhu will be talking about how you can use Resque[1] to offload long running tasks into the background for your Rails application. Resque was created by the wonderful Chris Wanstrath and is used at Github, so it's a proven method of scaling out your processing in Ruby. Kalvir has used Resque with O2 (telefonica) in the UK on a large scale SMS backup service (Hashblue[2]) and recently with his startup Goodbits[3]. He will explain: How to set up Resque with Rails How to get going with definining Jobs and some things I've learned Deployment of Resque to your server using Foreman Testing, how to test Resque in both a unit and integration level (cucumber if we have time) Overview of Sidekiq[4] which uses Celluloid which does multi-threading in Ruby, yes multi-threading with Ruby 1.9 and JRuby If there is anything specific you would like to hear me talk about in this area, let Kalvir know and he'll work it into the talk. Kalvir now lives in Vancouver and is working actively on Goodbits. He last worked with the awesome chaps at GoFreeRange[5] from London, UK. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

1605-555 W. Hastings St., Harbour Centre · Vancouver, BC
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