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Scala Group Study Session (Coursera)

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In Vancouver? Learning Scala?

Sign up to Martin Odersky’s Functional Programming Principles in Scala ( course on Coursera (Sept 15 - Nov 4, 2014) then come on down to Hootsuite HQ and join us for group study sessions.


Our idea is to use the "flipped classroom (" model: you watch the videos at home and do the assignment in preparation for coming to Hootsuite HQ once a week. Here you work through your challenges with the course in a group setting (don’t expect to show up and copy answers). You drive the questions / agenda and get guidance from your peers: fellow students and our Scala software engineers who are actively writing code.

We like this idea (and hope you do too) because it:

- Feels really good to help others learn
- Connects you with other smart, collaborative people
- Builds our local community of Scala / Akka / FP enthusiasts
- Provides a social incentive for you to work on the assignments
- Leads to deeper learning by having mentors and sounding-boards for your questions

Who’s eligible?

You must be enrolled in the course and in Vancouver.
The “Recommended Background” on the course page says "You should have at least one year programming experience. Proficiency with Java or C# is ideal, but experience with other languages such as C/C++, Python, Javascript or Ruby is also sufficient."


Hootsuite HQ1 @ 5 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

Dates and times

Wednesday, Sept 17 @ 6PM - 8PM
Tuesday, Sept 23 @ 6PM - 8PM
Tuesday, Sept 30 @ 6PM - 8PM
Tuesday, Oct 7 @ 6PM - 8PM
Tuesday, Oct 14 @ 6PM - 8PM
Tuesday, Oct 21 @ 6PM - 8PM
Tuesday, Oct 28 @ 6PM - 8PM
TBD after the course - celebration and group hacking event

Some of our Mentors

Edd Steel (, Jim Riecken (, Mike White (, Ken Britton (, Cheryl Li (, Uji (, Andrew Gray (, Johnny Bufu (, Ken Ho (, Laurence Man (, Steve Cullingworth ( ... and more.