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Italy/Spain 1966. Director: Sergio Corbucci
Cast: Franco Nero, José Bódalo, Eduardo Fajardo, Loredana Nusciak, Angel Alvarez

RESURRECTED, REMASTERED, AND RE-RELEASED! ►There are several Sergio Corbucci films among Quentin Tarantino’s favourite Spaghetti Westerns, but this stylish cult shocker from ’66 is the one that gets the shout-outs in Django Unchained, Tarantino’s recent Spaghetti-and-slavery blockbuster. Now digitally remastered, Corbucci’s Django — a highpoint of non-Leone Spaghetti — is enjoying new life in its North American re-release. Franco Nero — who has a cameo in Django Unchained — is the titular mystery man, a coffin-dragging drifter who trudges into a godforsaken border town and gets caught up in the deadly feud between Mexican banditos and a gang of KKK-style racists. The spoils are a fortune in gold; there’s one nasty bit of business that clearly inspired the most notorious scene in Reservoir Dogs. Django was banned in places for its graphic violence, but also spawned a bazillion Django-titled sequels, all but one unofficial. “Corbucci's style is a mix of social realism, highly decorative visuals, and finely mounted action sequences...Funny, visceral, bloody, no-nonsense entertainment with a touch of class” (Wally Hammond, Time Out). “More violent and pessimistic than anything before it ...Relentless, surrealistically cruel and crazy, it is a film I’ve seen several times; it never disappoints” (Alex Cox). Colour, Blu-ray Disc, in Italian with English subtitles. 90 mins.

"More violent and pessimistic than anything before it... Relentless, surrealistically cruel and crazy, it is a film I’ve seen several times; it never disappoints."
Alex Cox | full review (
"Before you see Tarantino's epic homage to Spaghetti Westerns, see the real thing: Corbucci's bloody, muddy 1966 masterpiece... garish and profound, earnest and jokey, violent and noble. One of the best in its genre, and absolutely not to be missed."
New York Magazine | full review (
"Corbucci perfected the blunt graphic style and simplistic (a)moral tone that characterizes Spanish-language Western comic books, though its pessimistic streak betokens existentialism."
Artinfo | full review (