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Welcome to 🚩Vancouver Capture the Flag 🚩
------- where big kids remember how to laugh, play and unwind :) -----

"People don't stop playing because they get old. They get old because they stop playing."


Capture the Flag!

Never played? Can you run? Then you're good!! Show up ready to laugh and run and help your team steal the other team's flag!

Come out for some great outdoor exercise, friendship and fun! You don't need much to play and have loads of fun! I refer to it as 'glorified tag'. Bring your own red shirt AND blue shirt in case we need to even up and have you switch sides, read event descriptions, bring water and a fun attitude! When was the last time you ran around in the trees and laughed??

Attendees will be broken down into two teams randomly. Each team will have it's own flag. Cross into enemy territory, Capture the flag and return it to your own team's territory without getting tagged into temporary jail. May the best team win!


Capture the flag is simply a 'more the merrier' game.

With enough people you have jailbreaks, guard strategies, and team work of the sneakiest fashion :)

Get in the game!

Come out and play!!

We play in public places. Good sportsmanship is important to our reputation.


✳Let's change the unfriendly status that Vancouver has, starting with us. Come out and have some fun, meet some new friends and play CTF!

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" ghandi


*This is not a group for dating or trying to pick people up. While we understand that relationships can develop out of friendships over time, any inappropriate posts, comments, or members will be removed without notice for the benefit of the other group members and the integrity of the group. This is to be a safe comfortable place to play a game and have fun while developing and furthering friendships.

Please keep RSVPS current and respect the other members of the group.

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