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Anime at La Fontana: Macross Frontier

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I'll be hosting this month's La Fontana meet up instead of Noel since he can't make it. I will be screening the first seven episodes of Macross Frontier, the 25th Anniversary sequel to the famed 1982 space opera anime Super Dimension Fortress Macross. (Edit: Yes, it is accessible to newcomers despite being a sequel.)

Five decades after making peace with the Zentraedi, humanity has recovered from near extinction and dispatched vast fleets to search for and colonize new worlds. One of these fleets is the 25th Large Scale Colonization Fleet Macross Frontier. Centered around the enormous city ship know as Island One, this fleet is home to ten million people, some of whom were born during its long voyage. Among its many citizens are Alto Saotome, a rebellious kabuki prodigy turned pilot trainee who longs for a sky that does not end at 2000 meters, and Ranka Lee, a waitress at a Chinese restaurant whose cheerful and energetic disposition masks her status as one of the few survivors from a research fleet that was wiped out a decade ago. Daily life aboard Island One is peaceful, with the biggest news being a visit from the “Galactic Fairy” Sheryl Nome, a superstar singer from one of Frontier’s sister fleets. But when that peace is shattered by contact with the alien Vajra, the lives of Alto, Ranka, and Sheryl begin to intertwine in ways that will shape not only their own futures but the future of the entire fleet.

This is one of the early Japanese trailers for the series. It features the song Sagittarius 9PM (which isn't actually one of Sheryl Nome's better songs in my opinion, but I guess it has energy):

I made the start time 4:45pm this time. The reason I made it slightly earlier than the usual 5:00pm is that I want to actually be ready to START at 5:00. Please bring some money for food since that's how La Fontana makes a profit from doing this -they don't charge us for the use of their equipment.


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