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Fast and Furious: Javascript [Klemen Slavič, Celtra]

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Mark Zuckerberg's ill-fated words still resound through the tech world: "Our biggest mistake was betting too much on HTML5." ( This shot across the bow of open web technologies led defiant web developers on a quest to reimplement Facebook's infamous native mobile app as a web page, dispelling any myths about performance and outperforming its native counterpart. And they did it on a dare, in less than a week after the proclamation.

In this talk we'll explore the secrets of the trade employed in such an endeavour, as presented by Klemen Slavič ( of Celtra ( Using an example DHTML game we'll dive deep into the browser internals to discover the reasons for performance bottlenecks and the various optimisation techniques to maximise FPS and minimise lag, the two main metrics by which people judge application responsiveness.

Klemen is a seasoned web developer working on Celtra's ad runtime, working on resolving nasty browser bugs (thanks for the job security, Samsung!) and improving performance to make rich media extra blingy. When not spilling coffee on his office keyboard he spends his time wishing he'd make more games.

Where: FRI, tržaška 25 in Ljubljana - classroom PR-02, right side of the lobby