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This is an advanced ongoing Advaita Vedanta classroom (running in Melbourne, Australia) - unfolding the highest knowledge (brahmavidya).

It precisely unfolds the essence of all Upanishads (source of non-duality teachings) and all 18 chapters of Bhagavad Gita, verse-by-verse in thorough detail.

Teacher translates each Sanskrit verse into detailed English, as non-duality was originally expounded by Adi Shankara/rishis (sages), in Sanskrit. If presented in English alone, as is 99% the case today in non-dual world, the teachings simply don't get captured as originally intended. Thus student misses the true essence of Oneness.

The Gita is both a dharma-śāstra and mokṣa-śāstra. Meaning, an instruction manual on how to correctly and happily live in harmony with self, world and God. And also the most precise step-by-step methodology to Liberation (moksha). Both are apparent when taught by qualified ācāryaḥ. Thus, course is based on both also.

Course rests on actualized living understanding of the non-dual nature of Reality (Consciousness/Awareness/Brahman). Hence each class builds upon the previous, based on this vision of Oneness. So student is taken through the entire vision of form/formless (matter/spirit). Every single doubt is cleared about every imaginable topic of life.

Throughout student's self-enquiry in light of teachers explanations, one's apparent body-mind "I" is gradually and organically shifted to Self (Ātman/ultimate non-negatable truth pervading the universe).

Meaning, that which is unchanging (witness/sākṣī/Awareness/satcitananda/Atman), is one's permanent living reality/experience. In Advaita we call this moksha (Liberation).

Or 'Enlightenment' (a word we RARELY use, because it carries a mystical and unrealistic expectation due to negligent spiritual marketplace).

You can see detailed description of Tuesday classes, which you may attend for free if qualify: https://www.yesvedanta.com/events-meetup

Program is video recorded. Although any serious student recognizes value of physical attendance, because it gives one option to focus intently amidst class environment and ask teacher directly. This is how Self-Knowledge has been traditionally passed.

QUALIFICATIONS for Advaita Vedanta (uncontaminated, undistorted original source of non-dualism) are high. Certain intellectual maturity is required. Meaning it requires you to THINK deeply (self-inquiry), and not merely emote.

It is for those who recognize the limitation of all spiritual practices (sadhana). The benefit reaped comes and goes. The happiness subsides. It's like the stock market.

However, Advaita Vedanta results in permanent happiness as one's "I" shifts from limited and changing body-mind complex... to unchanging Truth whose nature is ananda (limitlessness).

Meaning, Vedanta is not interested in anything implying temporary band-aids or superficial highs (like transcendental meditation, psychedelics, breathing, etc). Such disciplines do NOT solve the eternal problem of saṃsāra, nor help recognize one's eternal freedom from creation (māyā).

In summary, a qualified student is one whose ego can gently admit: "I can't do everything by myself. I need help please."

Because the teachers duty is to systematically lead such student step-by-step to ultimate Truth, exactly as was done for thousands of years in this perfected Advaita Vedanta methodology.

Ready to attend? :-)

See here class dates and details: https://www.yesvedanta.com/events-meetup

Must watch at least 5-10 videos (see website "COURSE") to get accustomed to teacher style and establish rapport. This way teacher won't have to deal with trust issue ("Who is he!") when you soon come to class.

Advaita Vedanta (Nondualism) Course Logistics:

Schedule also at: https://www.yesvedanta.com/events-meetup

Address: 4 Rosalind Cres, Blackburn, VIC.

Come sharp everytime! Program lasts 3+ years.

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