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Book Discussion: The Sexual Politics of Meat (3 Part Series)

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The Animal Rights Coalition would like to invite you to join our August book club. We will be reading The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams. The Sexual Politics of Meat is a landmark piece of Vegan-Feminist literature whose message has lost none of its relevancy in the 23 years since it was first published.

Described as “a bible of the vegan community” by the New York Times, Adams’ book explores the connection between misogyny, carnivorism, and systematic violence in a way that inspires both critical thought and action. We will be holding weekly meet-ups at Ecopolitan on 24th and Lyndale to go over each of the book's three parts.

• Thursday August 8, 7pm
Part One: The Patriarchal Texts of Meat

• Thursday August 15, 7pm
Part Two: From The Belly of Zeus

• Thursday August 22, 7pm
Part Three: Eat Rice Have Faith in Women

Copies are available for sale at Ethique Nouveau, Minnesota's only vegan store! 317 West 48th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55419.

For any further questions please contact Gwen Austin at

* If you are willing to pitch in a couple of dollars to help cover the costs of running the Meetup, we would greatly appreciate it, but no one will be turned away due to inability to pay.

* Please also note that while everyone is welcome no matter where you are on your vegan journey, this is meant to be a fun pro-vegan social event. We're happy to answer questions about veganism and have discussions, but this is not the forum for debates or arguments about veganism. By attending we presume you are actively perusing or seriously considering vegan living.


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