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We each value our life, more than anything on Earth. This is the same for all sentient beings. It is our one life and we should not be deprived of it, nor deprive others of theirs.

***WE ARE IN NEED OF LEADERS TO ORGANIZE AND PARTICIPATE IN OUTREACH EVENTS - Please message us if you are interested in being a leader in this group.***

The world needs you to share yourself, today. Everyday, over 50,000 people die from diet related diseases. Everyday, over 200 million farm animals and 7 billion marine animals are killed. Everyday, 100’s of species are going extinct and we are speeding up to the reality of Earth’s 6th mass extinction.

You are one of the few that can make the difference in the world, today. For so many it’s not an easy discovery to detach from the cultural norm, and you have made the discovery. You are one of the few with the ability to share a compassionate message to save the valuable life of animals, people and the planet, today.

I want to challenge you to take action right now! You can do this in the way that feels best for you, to speak up for what you care about, and here are some suggestions:

• Suggest a busy and public Meetup location that you would like to leaflet, or leaflet door-to-door in your neighborhood - we’ll support with leaflets and advocates to help! Or join in on one of our Leaflet Outreaches!

• Thumbs up, comment, share and subscribe to Vegan advocates on your social media! Post pictures of animals we culturally abuse, and let people know they value their life just as much as we do.

• Share encouraging documentaries with all of your contacts, like ‘What the Health’, 'Forks over Knives', ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘Earthlings’.

• Go to ( and type in keyword ‘Vegan’ and sign as many petitions as you can.

• Wear Vegan T’s, bumper sticker your car, use Vegan totes, etc to bring awareness that we’re here!

• Attend Vigils, Marches, Vegan Festivals and check out Vegan Restaurants to support the cause.

• Encourage others to try out a 7 day, 22 day, 30 day or 10 week vegan challenge!

What other ways have you thought of? What will you do right now? Please write back to let me know! I would love to hear about what you’re up to!

If each vegan inspired just one other to become vegan, we would have a vegan world within 7 years! Here’s the effect that would have each year:

2018: Estimate of 100 million vegans (1.3% of population)

2019: 200 million

2020: 400 million

2021: 800 million

2022: 1.6 billion

2023: 3.2 billion

2024: 6.4 billion

2025: A Vegan World

I have a feeling you can inspire more than 1 person this year. How many people can you reach out to right now? This month? This year? Let me know!

You are the difference maker.


We advocate primarily with Vegan Outreach materials. You can learn more about Vegan Outreach leafleting here:

Order Your 'Vegan Outreach' Shirt at: (it may take 10 business days to arrive). Leaflets are provided by the host, however you're always welcome to bring more!

We're here to support a vegan message against all animal exploitation and are transforming communities in which compassion and respect to all animals is becoming the norm.



If you were walking down the street and saw a person hurting an animal (a dog, for instance), what would you do?

1) PARTICIPATE in hurting the animal

2) NOT PARTICIPATE in hurting the animal > Vegan

3) INTERVENE to try to help the animal > Vegan Activist

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” ― Albert Einstein



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