VC Social - Chicago Vegandale Food Drink Festival

This is a past event

98 people went

Butler Field

· Chicago, IL

How to find us

Find us in the shaded area under the trees along the north perimeter. Look for our VC Lollipop sign to help you find us!

Location image of event venue


Last year was a lot of fun, so we're doing it again!

Please note that due to the unique nature of this event, it will be a bit different than our usual meetups, so please read all the details:

TICKETS: This is a private event that requires tickets for entry. All members are responsible for getting their own tickets prior to the event. Looks like they heard everyone's feedback because they're offering plenty of early bird deals that significantly reduce the price compared to last year. Early Early Bird tickets sold out, but current admission comes out to $13.24 after fees. Word is prices will go up again on June 1st. You can get your tickets here (if you haven't already done so):

GETTING THERE: Same as last year, the fest is being held at Grant Park - Butler Field (southeast corner of Monroe St. and Columbus Dr., (check here on Google Maps: That being said, driving and parking is probably not advised unless you are ok with parking at a garage downtown. But otherwise, there are a number of trains and bus stop that will get you downtown within walking distance to the park. Details can also be found on the event page here:

FOOD & DRINKS: The tickets you purchase online are for entry only. Food and drinks are sold by separately by individual vendors once you get inside. Please note, although the event is all ages, there are alcoholic drinks inside. Being the summer, we will be treating this as a sort of VOT once inside, picking a spot to hang out so members can join us as they please while they get their food or drinks. Also note, reusable water bottles ARE allowed, and it will likely be a HOT day, so bringing one is highly recommended.

MEETING UP: [Updated 6/22] The Vegandale fest is officially from 11-7pm, but we will be meeting up from 1-5pm. You are more than welcome to arrive to the fest earlier or stay later if you choose. I will be bringing our Lollipop sign with our VC logo (see event pictures for example) and stake out a spot along the north side of the fest for us to meet at (see event pictures for map). I will also be posting what I'm wearing and updates throughout the day on the event page with details so please be on the lookout for those. Also note that kids and dogs are welcome to the event! So feel free to bring them along if you'd like. Again, more event details can be found on their FAQs page:

ONCE WE'RE THERE: [Updated 6/22] Same as last year, we'll be setting down some picnic blankets for everyone to sit on. Last year a few others did the same and we had a nice big area patched together. I also recommend bringing tupperware and reuseable utensils. Many of the food portions are full size and we found you get full pretty fast after trying just a few places, so it helps if you can bring home whatever you don't finish. For those that are comfortable with this, last year we also had a few members share samples of each others' food which allowed more people to try different things. I'll be bringing a few sets of utensils myself, to help if anyone would like to split portions like this.

WEATHER: [Updated 6/22] Partly cloudy, but firmly in the 70's most of the day! I'd still recommend bringing sunblock, sunglasses, and dressing comfortable. Reusable water bottles are allowed in so play to bring those as well to stay hydrated.