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May Vegan Drinks - Tony's Darts Away w/Compassion Over Killing

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We are extremely fortunate for Tony's Darts Away ( to host our special May Vegan Drinks with the Los Angeles Chapter of Compassion Over Killing ( (COK). Tony's Darts Away is the MOST vegan friendly bar in all of California. It just opened in Burbank and reports have been flying in from people driving in from all over Socal to experience a mostly Vegan Bar firsthand. All the beers at Tony's Darts Away are from California Brewers and they strive for local sources for everything they serve! Read More Here (

Tony's has a capacity of about 72 so we're planning on holding this event in two waves. A lunch group 12-4pm and a dinner group 5-9pm. More information will follow as we get information on donations from suppliers for this event. In the mean time take a peak at Tony's fantastic pub food on the blog (

Prepare for great local beer & vegan pub food with portion of proceeds going to Compassion Over Killing. For those of you unfamiliar with COK- they rock the house with; Restaurant Outreach =getting vegan items added to local restaurants and local grocery stores.- School Outreach =educating children about healthy eating through veganism. - Representative Outreach =working with local officials to create and sign animal friendly legislation.

"The proceeds from the May 29th Vegan Drinks will benefit Compassion Over Killing's School Outreach campaign in L.A. where volunteers will accompany students on a field trip to Animal Acres and provide each of the students with a vegan meal. Giving students an opportunity to meet animals and then have a vegan meal is an incredible and unique experience that could change these students forever." -Prabhat

Here is more information about the incredible work that Compassion Over Killing is doing. (

Can you believe spending the day/evening drinking beer and eating vegan food could contribute to such awesomeness????? Can't wait to see everyone on the 29th!!!!! [more info to come as we get closer to the event and lock in sponors!]