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Veggie Hikers & "No Meat & Mingle" Hike & Cookout at Leo Carrillo

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Join Veggie Hikers & “No Meat & Mingle” Meetups for summertime fun! We will start with a hike and end with a vegan cookout at Leo Carrillo State Beach, complete with vegan s’mores. If you can’t make the hike, please attend the cookout (and vice versa). Leo Carrillo is a gorgeous beach and popular surf spot in Malibu, where countless movies were filmed. Leashed dogs are welcome at the beach, but not on the trail. See details about the hike and where our cookout will be in the "Notes from Hostess" section below.

**** In order to participate in the potluck portion of the event, you must bring a ready to eat vegan dish to share or vegan items to grill and share (veggie kabobs, vegan burgers/hotdogs, etc.). Not doing so is not fair to those of us that do. If everyone does not bring a prepared dish or food to grille to serve at least 10 people there may not be enough food. Thank you.

Please note that this event is promoted in various places so the actual turn out is likely to be bigger than would appear from the RSVP's here.

***This is a free event if you bring your own plate/bowl, eating utensils and serving utensils. If you forget to bring these we ask for a $3.00 donation. Funds will be used to pay for Meetup dues, domain name registration, supply and other costs for future potlucks.***

***NOTES FROM HOSTESS: We will meet at the North end of Leo Carrillo State Beach near Lifeguard Tower #4 at 10am. You can park for free on the Pacific Coast Highway near the stairs leading to Tower #4 or pay to park your car inside the park and drive along the beach to the lot near Tower #4. From here, we will start our hike by walking south on the beach to the Nicholas Flat & Willow Creek Trailhead. Then we’ll walk up the Willow Creek Trail to the short Ocean Vista Trail to a beautiful viewpoint.

For a gentle hike, we can descend on the Nicholas Flat Trail toward the beach or continue uphill for a more strenuous hike toward another viewpoint. The gentle version is about 2 miles roundtrip with a climb of 500 feet. The more strenuous version is about 6 miles roundtrip with a climb of 1770 feet for the first 2 miles. The view from the top is worth it! On a clear day, you can see the Channel Islands. Both trail options will be available during our hike.

At 1:00pm, we will return along the beach to our meeting spot at Tower #4, where we will start our cookout. Since tables & grills are first come, first serve, we will stake our spot early in the morning. Ideally, someone will volunteer to hang out at our spot so we don’t loose it while we’re hiking. Please let us know if you’re willing and able to hang out at the beach while others hike! You can bring your dogs and play on the beach. Otherwise, we’ll fire up a portable grill in the parking lot. Either way, we can enjoy our food on the beach together!

Bring: sunscreen, water, vegan dish to share, vegan item to grill, vegan s’more ingredients, skewers (for kabobs & marshmallows), plate, utensils, cup, bathing suit, towel, windbreaker, hiking gear…if you have the following items…grill, beach umbrella, beach blanket, folding table, beach chairs.***

******Please bring a vegan dish to share (or vegan items to grille and share (veggie kabobs, vegan burgers/hotdogs, etc.). Vegan means no meat, fish, eggs, dairy or honey- No animal products at all.*******

Please invite your friends. Non vegans are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Organic, chemical free, GMO free foods are encouraged. Both cooked and raw vegan food are welcome. There will be a space designated for raw food. Please be concious to place your dish there only if every ingredient in your dish is 100% raw (pasteurized foods, commercially canned and most jarred food are not raw).

Please bring an ingredient list to help those of us with allergies or better yet, a complete recipe.

If you need to call (not text) the evening of the event: Lisa:[masked] Dave[masked].


*****Hosts/hostesses are needed. If you would like to offer your space for one of these parties, please contact Dave Rubin through Facebook or call at the number above.*****




The hike host is a volunteer and not responsible for the group. By participating in any posted event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being. Please treat this meet-up as hiking with a group of friends. It’s best to maintain line of sight with other members of the group at all times and let the hike host know if you choose to leave the hike for any reason. Veggie Hikers Meetup group and its organizers are released from all liability in case of possible injuries. All participants must be 18 or older, or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.