What we're about

This is a meetup group for vegans and those interested in becoming vegan and learning about the plant based diet or lifestyle.

We hope to promote the social and educational aspects of veganism.

Our meetup group is about getting together for meals, lectures, watching documentaries/movies, going on field trips and making some new friends!

It is always great to share information, have fun and be with like-minded people. Even if you are not yet a "veggie", we still welcome everyone to join us for a meet up to see how healthy and delicious vegan food can be! We welcome those who are veg-curious.

Vegan is more than food choices, it is a lifestyle. Vegan does not include any flesh food or animal (fowl, fish, mammal, insects, etc) of any kind. All animal products and bi products are excluded, including all dairy. Vegans do not wear flesh-made products such as leather, skins and fur. We respect all animals, our fellow creatures, and work to protect them as well as the environment. Just being vegan is a very strong environmental and ecological act, conserving water, fuel and land resources.

Some people are vegan due to health and medical reasons, some due to compassion for living a non-violent lifestyle. Some live it for ethical reasons, the sake of the animals and others. Some embrace veganism for for health reasons, some for the economy. Eating a plant-based diet is less expensive than eating flesh foods. Some vegans have allergies to flesh foods and animal fluids. There are plenty of other reasons as well! Remember, heart attacks are mother nature's revenge for eating her creatures! :-)

Our membership extends over the entire North East Ohio area from out by Cedar Point almost to Pennsylvania and as far south as you'd care to drive.

Become a member (membership is free), and come to one of the many meetups! You are a stranger but once.

Upcoming events (5+)

CLE Plant-Based Discussion Group meeting

Scott Auditorium at MetroHealth Medical Center

Join in with the CLE Plant-Based Discussion group and learn what is happening in the Whole Foods Plant-Based community. Please join in for the third Sunday of each month 3pm to 5pm, monthly meeting and potluck! The meeting will be in Conference room R170. From the main towers entrance, walk around the elevators and turn right at the Starbucks and walk through the foyer and the room will be on your left. Routinely scheduled at MetroHealth Medical Center Main Campus. Please feel free to bring a PBCLE Plant Based food item to share, and better yet, not only share your item, but get to sample other amazing items from other members! Please bring your personal service ware (plate, bowl, cup, fork/spoon/knife and serving utensil for your entree' to be Green Friendly. Recycle and Reuse. However, extra plates are always available. Use parking garage however there is a fee.

Taste and Explore the Benefits of Whole plant-based foods at Vegan Picnic

Harriet Keeler Memorial Picnic Area

Picnic with Nutrient Dense Whole Plant-Based Foods. Summer is the time to enjoy our beautiful parks and share your favorite foods for picnics! Join us for a picnic in the park with whole plant-based foods! If you’re attending a picnic or barbecue with friends and family, I’ll be sharing some recipes that are easy to make, but will have you bouncing along your hiking trails and having fun. Please bring your smile, a hungry appetite, and a whole food plant-based vegan (organic if possible) dish to share with 6-8 people. If you are a creative type then by all means invent something really unique. If you are a newbie or a more simple foods oriented individual then just stop at the market and pick up something unprocessed and fresh that you think will suit. If you are coming as a couple, please bring an extra-large, double, or a second entree. If you are coming directly from work and can't bring anything, please still come, as your friendship is of most importance and we usually have plenty of food for everyone. It is appreciated that you bring your own setting if possible along with a serving utensil to serve with your entree. If you forget or don't have everything, there will be extra settings and utensils. This Whole Food Plant-Based Potluck Is Posted On All of these Websites: The Vegans Meetup Group Website (http://www.meetup.com/vegetarian-367/) The Vegan Baking and Cooking Meetup Group Website (http://www.meetup.com/VeganBakingandCooking/) A special message from Sandie is: "Because this is an all whole food plant-based vegan (mostly organic) gathering I would ask everyone to respect the request to keep the potluck just that. No animal flesh or animal by-products, please. Fresh, ripe, vegan, organic (raw if possible). Also, please refrain from using colognes and perfumes being considerate of those with sensitivities and allergies." Thank you for understanding.

Monthly Vegan Potluck in Norwalk every second Sunday of the month

Memorial Lake Park Club house, Norwalk

Vegan Potluck in Norwalk, OH. Vegan potlucks are held at the Memorial Lake Park Club house in Norwalk, Ohio, 44857 and are on the second Sunday of the month. Meet at 1:30 and eat at 2 pm. Call Don:[masked] for more info or go to www.vegsoc.net (http://www.vegsoc.net/) Each adult is to bring a vegan (all-plant-based) dish with at least 10 servings to share and your own table service and drink. When bringing a pasta or rice dish, whole grain pasta and brown rice are appreciated. Kids and friends are welcome. It's a park with lots to do. Well-mannered pets on leashes are also welcome. Please be fragrance-free as you can be. There is plenty to do before and after in the park lots of trails, woods, play grounds, etc. Have a walk or a jog. It’s always a great meal and a fantastic opportunity to socialize. Hope to see you there.

Vegan Potluck End of Summer Picnic in the Park

100 Spring St

End of Summer Picnic in the Park Come join us on Monday September 9th for our next Meatless Mondays and Beyond gathering Let’s enjoy the sun while it’s still out, play a game or two and enjoy our favorite summer foods and visit together at the park. What to Bring – Yourself (and a friend), a vegan dish to share, a game to play (if you like) and your fun summer spirit. Games: croquet, boccia ball, corn hole…and anything else ya all bring… Large Bar B Q is available – but come early to heat up the coals and cook your food if you want to use it. When: Monday September 9th Potluck 6:00 ish p.m. – Vegan Where: Spring Street Park, Oberlin 100 Spring Street – corner of Spring Street and Groveland All are Welcome – Info at [masked] or[masked] If you’re new to vegan eating, it’s fine to just bring yourself, no food needed.

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The Canton Project/Vegan Diet Support Group

Aultman North Canton Medical

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