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Thursday the 28th, Thanksgiving Day. 1-5pm, 14466 Liberty Church St., SE, in Minerva, Ohio, 44657 (phone number[masked])

Hello Vegan Thanksgiving Day Enthusiasts!

My husband Glenn and I are excited once again to host a Vegan, Non-violent, cruelty free Thanksgiving potluck on the actual day of Thanksgiving - November the 28th, a Thursday. We have plenty of space and a large kitchen.

We have a mini farm sanctuary for those who would like to come talk with the goats and chickens and cats and dogs.

I will provide the dinner ware. The time is scheduled for 1-5 PM, allowing everyone to get home before it gets too dark. We are not centrally located. We are outside of Minerva about 70 miles from Cleveland. We are located 2 miles west of Minerva in the hills. We are an option for those with a trail blazing spirit. Car pooling may be a great option!

Our little farm sanctuary is a story in itself. We used to think that dairy (raw dairy) was good for you and the only way to have raw is to either grow your own or have a herd share (we did both). So we have these wonderful goats that we used to milk. And our place came with chicken's whose eggs we used to eat. Anyway, over our evolution we have come to see that dairy and eggs are not good for you or for them. So now they are our "pets that we don't milk" (we used to call them our "pets that we milk") and we are committed to caring for them and providing for them as long as they live. We have rescued goats over the years but we are not actively planning on adding to the herd and there is no breeding going on. Some of them are quite old for domestic goats. We love having them all - they are great friends.

There are woods here for hiking. I would recommend bringing hiking boots and blaze orange something to wear - unfortunately it is that time of year again.

We are really looking forward to seeing all our friends from last year and hopefully add some new friends this year. Plant strong and pain free. Before the event please indicate what entree, desert, appetizer, etc., you plan on bringing.

Thanks, Cherie and Glenn