Canceled Meetup

Ali Baba Home Made Lebanese with gluten-free option


Our awesome hostess Linda has suggested trying a gluten-free version of our meetup there. She will substitute quinoa for the Bulgar wheat in the tabbouleh and you can choose grape leaves rather than the spinach pie etc. The whole wheat pita bread will still be available It will be more of a gluten optional dinner as she will still have some of her regular dishes, but will offer a complete spread minus any gluten.

Please refrain from using perfumes, heavy fragrances, cologne or after shave. They can aggravate asthma and trigger migraines. Let's save our noses for the wonderful aromas from Linda's kitchen. Please make your guests aware as well.

For those who have made it in the past, you know what a fantastic meal and deal it is. It's also a great meetup with lots of good conversational buzz going on punctuated with plenty of 'yums'. Have a look at the reviews from our previous outings there and consider joining us. You are a stranger but once.

The cuisine is Lebanese, the food is totally delicious and they speak fluent vegan. The pita bread will be whole wheat ( pinch me).

The menu for our dinner will be the chef's choice, whatever Linda thinks is good, and we will be served family-style, passing the serving dishes down the table, which I think is way cool. It has been said more than once that dining at Ali Baba with this group is more like a family dinner, with family you like, than a restaurant outing.

The price is $18, which includes tax, tip and tea or whatever other drink they may have. Some of the dishes are prepared with produce from the owner's own organic garden. The food here is absolutely delectable and you won't believe it's only eighteen bucks!

NEW: Reservations will close at 8 pm on the Wednesday prior to the meetup date. Linda needs ample planning time to take care of us. So if you miss the deadline, call Linda, number listed below, and ask her if you can still get in.

Ali Baba is a small place, and we are limited to 28 so reserve as soon as you know you want to come but do not RSVP yes until you are sure you want to come. There is no 'maybe' or 'tentative' button. Linda plans accordingly, so don't be a no-show. If you are a no show, please consider sending Linda the money for your meal anyway, since she will have prepared it on your say so. And cancelling your reservation after the Wednesday night cut-off time will not mean you won't owe Linda for your meal.

Also please be kind and change your reservation if your schedule changes and you are unable to attend. If there is a waiting list, that allows others to move up and have a confirmed reservation.

IF you RSVP that you will be there and you do not show, please have the courtesy and kindness to mail Linda your $18 so she is not stuck, or on the hook for you. If there are extenuating circumstances, and we all know there can be, then at least send her $10 so she is not totally out due to your being a no show. There is no reason to leave her holding the bag because you didn't show. It's only fair; the address is above.

NOTE: Ali Baba does NOT accept credit or debit cards. Cash is best.

Ali Baba is an independent, family owned and run kind of operation, the kind I like to support and chances are you do too.

This place is so home spun that there's no web site. A 'net search will only bring up the address and phone number which is 216 251 2040. Since this is early on a weekend, there will be plenty of time for other activities after we eat. Any thoughts on activities for after are always welcomed.

This wonderful restaurant is the best-kept culinary secret in town. It's as good a Lebanese place as you're going to find and the best I've ever had.

please feel free to suggest some ideas for meetups; let's put some dates on the calendar! let's have some fun while enjoying good food and each others company!