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Painesville, OH

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Sep 21, 2006


A massage therapist, in Painesville, Ohio since 1985 and an LPN since 1970! Love what I do. Enjoy seeing people being healthy and happy. I respect the sacredness and divinity in all of life. Living a "non-violent" lifestyle.

Please share with us what motivated you to transition to a healthier, plant-based diet and lifestyle .

I became vegan in 1985. It just makes sense! Our body is anatomically and physiologically intended to eat a plant based food.

Do you have any favorite foods or dishes?

I love making green smoothies in the VitaMix. Kale, avocado, mango, cilantro, fennel and freshly squeezed orange and pineapple juice blended into it all. Yummy!

Are you vegan? Vegetarian? Veg-curious?

Vegan all the way. I'd like to be 100 percent raw vegan, but mostly I'm 95% raw and 5% cooked, and sometimes 80/20! I'll do a vegan cooked entree of some kind, especially when I'm out with all my meetup friends. I keep it very simple but delicious just the same. I took my stove out of the house in 2003. It took up too much space and I never used it.

If you are not vegan just yet, how is your transition going and how can we help?

When I was 35, I made the transition nearly overnight as a lacto veg, (as I didn't know better!!!) Six months later, I educated myself with lots of books and became vegan. Six months after that I gave up processed foods.