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London Vegetarian Drinks and/or Dinner at Tibits

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Hello lovely veggie people,

Please join us for dinner and/or drinks at Tibits from 6pm onwards on Friday 13th September 2013.

New members welcome as always.

Tibits is in Heddon Street which is off of Regent Street. Nearest tubes are Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus.

Please ensure that you update your reply if you find you are no longer able to attend.

Just to explain (for those who haven’t been before) how a London Vegetarian Meet-up at Tibits works:

When you arrive (depending on how hungry you are) you might want to first come downstairs to say hello to some people.

We don’t all sit down to eat at the same time (and some of us don’t eat) so if you want to eat, whenever you’re ready you can just go upstairs and help yourself to whatever you fancy from the buffet.

There’s a great selection of very tasty food, but if you’re on a budget please be aware that you pay for your food according to its weight and it can get quite pricey if you’re not careful. It’s not unusual for a good plateful to cost £12 to £15 (I’ve even known people pay around £17).

Take your plate of food to the bar/counter/till where you will be asked to put it on the scales and will be told how much to pay.


• To minimise the time your hot food spends on your plate before it gets to your mouth (i.e. cools down) - you might want to go around the buffet choosing the cold foods at the bottom first and put the hot foods on your plate last.

• All the food in Tibits is vegetarian – if it has a V symbol it’s vegan. There are other symbols – just ask the lovely staff if you have any special dietary requirements

• Help yourself to a FREE bread roll and remember not to put it on your plate (otherwise you’ll pay for it if the staff don’t notice it there)

• If you prefer not to carry lots of things downstairs at the same time – you might want to get your drink first and ask someone to look after it while you get your food.

• Some of us drink alcohol, others don’t

• There’s free tap water from a fountain/tap in front of you as you walk in – on the left just before the stairs - there should be glasses on the shelf (if not ask at the bar)

• Cutlery will be given to you when you pay

• There is a lift for anyone with mobility/stair issues but it’s painfully slow (it’s actually a large dumb waiter) it’s near the buffet – you need to keep your hand on the down/up button for it to move. Please only use this if you need to.

• I’m sure this doesn't need saying for most of you lovely people, but just in case: if you are sitting down but have already eaten and see someone with food and nowhere to sit – please do the right thing and let them have your seat (at least while they eat)!

Any questions just ask below.

Look forward to seeing you all.